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aureawolf aureawolf

Oh, dear.... Where to begin? Well, for starters, this is my very first incursion in the wiiiiiiiide world of the Drama CD. Believe you me: it was quite a shock for my innocent ears to hear... that! Those voices, those words, those performances, those noises (I easely forget that these men are based on historical characters)... Wow, I mean: Wow! (I felt like I was kinda cheating on my beloved boyfriend and I was enjoying it xD!) I'm not particularly fan of the art for these CD's (they're too feminine for my taste; besides, my mental pictures of the Shinsengumi have been settled as Hakuoki gave them to me) but the Dummy Head-Mic technology creates an unique mood that makes you forget about everything. Every character is very seductive in thir own way: Saitou is absolutely wild and direct, Okita is quite perverse (not my cup o' tea); Kondou is tender as an older brother (wink, wink ;D) and he has a very strange fetish with his sword xD, Heisuke is passionate, sweet and cheerful (and he's also very frightened about death and oblivion), Hijikata is really like a demon: scary, kinda cruel and he calls you his "inu" (literally 'dog', but we all know what other word it could mean in these circumstances)! and Yamazaki is terribly seductive, subtle and a little bit of an M xD. My zettai favorites are Saitou, Heisuke and Yamazaki <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3! Really, it is an experience worthy of having!

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