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When Shion Yasuoka was 5 years old, her parents were murdered in front of her. After killing her parents, the murderer sat down with Shion and played a game of shougi with her, telling her to forget how to speak if she wanted to live.

Eight years later, Shion is a pro female kishi. Raised by a couple that had been close friends with her parents, she is mute but loved and happy. But memories of that horrible night begin to come back to her, tied to the shougi she loves so much.

Synopsis by DokiDokiChan.

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minayuri minayuri

This was truly an enjoyable and engaging anime to watch; the principal characters were well thought out and developed and the mystery surrounding who killed Shion's biological parents kept me guessing as much as it did the characters who were investigating the case. The series has amazing plot twists, my favorite one being centered around the Hani brothers and the relationship between Shion and Ayumi was especially a favorite element in this anime as well. Shion is an inspirational female lead as despite what she has gone through; she has a tremendous inner strength, never gives up/gives in, and believes in herself...her journey has endeared me to her as my favorite character of the series. Seiyuu performances were excellent, each did well with their respective characters and the OP & ED songs were amazing as well. It baffles me why this well-made series has not been licensed yet, I feel it should be and it's a shame it's so underrated. I feel underrated gems like this series are far better than popular shows like Death Note.

Nubes Nubes

I like Shion no Ou, even though I don't understand a crap of what they're saying... I guess that's what u get when u see something thematized... but anyways, I guess this accomplish its goal, and it is keep u wantin for more... I like it.

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