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Eskimoguy286's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Tv Review

Rated: 10

Utena again proves to be unique in its presentation. Staying true to the episodic nature above, a near-fatal duel can be followed with a joke episode. Yeah, you've heard about the Infamous Nanami Cow episode. There are duels with kangaroos, explosive curry, the aforementioned Nanami transformation, that crazy monkey-mouse Chu-Chu and loads of other lighthearted antics. It does distract from the serious nature of the duels, but Utena really wouldn't be the same without the humor.

Speaking of humor, Utena recaps its themes and morals in a really unconventional method. Every episode, the campus thespians, the Kashira troupe, better known as the shadow girls, perform a shadow opera that protrays the moral of the day's story in a comical light.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Although a positive point this series has is the protagonist Utena for being a strong-willed heroine and Akio being a seductive antagonist, also I was intrigued with their affair as a couple. Story-wise it has nothing on Onii-sama e... I felt Oniisama e... is far more engaging and has better characters to drive it. Anthy to me was a doormat character, she has no personality and qualities that make her interesting.The worst episodes are those silly Nanami-centric ones that are nothing but filler and are quite bad, they could've been used as specials outside the series. Overall, it was an alright series...I'm not hooked as many people are who have seen it and enjoyed it. The ending was a bit of a disappointment. When it comes to deconstructions of shoujo, I believe Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica did it better.

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

I didn't like Yuri until this anime. Hell, that alone is amazing. It converted me with it's wonderful plot, great execution, interesting yet emotionally flawed characters, and the lovely art. I'm still watching this, but already I've noticed something significant in the anime- symbolism. Mainly the roses; the most blatant symbol- but still, interesting. I can't wait to complete it.

mbeckley mbeckley

I never thought I would watch a yuri since I'm a girl who likes yaoi, yet this is the first one I watched, and I like it. Very unique, surreal, dramatic, and psychological. It doesnt act like a yuri much cuz the bond between Anthy and Utena is subtle, and Utena falls for Akio, Anthy's brother.
The twist where Utena vows to become a prince herself after her encounter with a prince during her childhood makes the anime extraordinary, and each character in the anime are amazingly relatable and "human," and I consider this a classic.

Nalataia Nalataia

Truth be told... i've seen Utena thousand times and i really do not get it at all. It is beautifully done, very very good but hard to

understand, at least, the whole idea ^^U.

I love its graphics, its drawings, its music... fights, characters, ilustrations, scenics, its mysteries, all.

Totally awesome, human relationships established between characters are wonderfully complex and splendidly resoved, even though i do not get it, that is

something i could see by looking at how they related each other after solvinh their problems.

One of the things i like the most is the "theater" that those girl's shadows always made before a fight. I found it extremely subtle, as if they were droping a

hint, a very keen one.

I also like the movie, where Utena and Toga made a step forward in their relationship, something not seen in the anime but known by all. Just a pity, i think

they are a pretty couple.


My first tryst with Utena was from the moment I heard the ED "Truth", during which I thought that the character designs were really pretty (I fell in love with the Rose Bride's gown design). Determined to know more about this anime, I searched the net for descriptions and found one that said Utena was the "Evangelion of the shoujo genre", and I was like, "Really?!" It helped that I was an avid Eva fan, and this description just fueled my passion to watch Utena and see for myself.

The reviews weren't kidding when they said that Utena was mind-screwing. Lots of characters, lots of twists, lots of back stories, lots of drama...and I struggled to understand each and everyone of them (the sad fact that I began watching during the Student Council saga didn't help). Yet, the elusiveness of the meaning behind their actions, and Utena's desire to become the ideal prince so much, was the thing that kept me coming back for more and more; I found the mystery surrounding the characters of Ohtori to be attractive as well as enchanting. The symbolism that drew me to love Eva was abundant in this series, and I found myself smiling at every explanation behind every little detail because of how clever the explanation was.

I still have yet to own the series, and it has been a long time since the anime ended its run in our country, but those won't stop me for continuing to love Utena and company; this anime - in all its surrealism and weirdness and drama and beauty - has found a place in my heart and has earned the title of being one of my personal favorites.


Revolutionary Girl Utena is the story about a girl who was saved by a prince when she was still a child. In the present, she resolves to become a prince herself. She finds a mission to follow when she discovers classmate Anthy Himemiya is ensnared in a creepy Student Council tradition of being a "Rose Bride," a partnership earned through sword fights that makes her subject to the whims of whoever happens to win her. Utena finds this custom "stupid" and weird, and resolves to simply win Anthy for herself, and allow her to do whatever she'd like. The series begins seemingly simplistic, with clear-cut villains and friends, but as it progresses, it's clear that everything the viewer and Utena believe to be true is in fact a lie. Fairy tale tropes are rampant, down to two girls who use shadow puppetry to act as a Greek chorus for the storyline of each episode.

The rotating roses are iconic symbols for the series. You can also see Utena's adoption of the boys' school uniform and the classic animation style. The opening sequence makes it seem as though Utena and Anthy's relationship is a lesbian one, but I find that debatable in the series as a whole (although definitely not in the movie!). There is a definite subtext, though, and there are other characters who are clearly homosexual. This is one of the few anime series that represents people of color and gay relationships with serious thought.

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