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minayuri minayuri

Amazing series, truly the kind of anime the industry needs more of with adult characters as the leads. It's such a charming and fun series to watch and has an interesting cast of characters, the chemistry Kikuhiko has with Sukeroku and Miyokichi in the good times is truly heartwarming and the bonds Kikuhiko has with each of them is a treat to see. Akira Ishida, Megumi Hayashibara, and Kouichi Yamadera shine in their respective roles and are impressive in their respective character roles. Miyokichi is a very much like a heroine from a Kenji Mizoguchi movie in how she is portrayed as a fallen woman; to understand her character I feel one needs to watch films like Sisters of the Gion and Street of Shame to get a feel of the society that Miyokichi is a part of and how difficult life was for women in her situation. This is also a very sad anime and the last third of the 1st season is heartbreaking in how the tragedy of Kikuhiko/Miyokichi/Sukeroku's story comes to pass. S2 was just as touching with the story of Yakumo in the twilight of his years and his life with his blended family. There was great character development with Yakumo, Yotaro, and Konatsu in S2 and overall this anime is a must-see as it takes you on a journey through the generations of rakugo masters from past to present in the story. This is quality anime at its' best and one you can enjoy with your family. How this amazing anime hasn't been licensed yet is beyond me, it deserves to be as its' a shelf worthy title to own.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

For whatever reason this show is very entertaining and enjoyable. The character design is nice and suits the series. The storytelling in this series was just great. It was mature and very character driven, loved it ^^

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