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Tsuchimi Rin is a high school student who attends National Verbena Academy. He spends his time with childhood friend Fuyo Kaeda and Shigure Asa. One day, two beautiful girls from the world of gods and devils transfer to his class and another artificial life form moves in with him. All 5 girls love Rin. Now he has to decide who will be the one he spends the rest of his life with.

The manga is illustrated by Shiroi Kusaka.

Written by Satoshi2oll.

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Rosegirl18's Shuffle! Tv Review

Rated: 8

Shuffle is a good mix of romance and comedy, but the drama was too stressed after episode 19 or so. There was almost a complete change of genres, so it was puzzling to understand it all. However, the storyline required such a drastic change, and the plotline was good too, although during the end half, the storyline pace was much faster. The ending was weird too, because at the last three episodes we learned all the answers of the mysteries, and Rin had to take care of them all in the last episode. Shuffle could have done better with more episodes and at a more consistant pace. The series was enjoyable, however, and it showed depth in both characters and plots. Other than the romance and the setting, the characters and situation was rather believable and realistic.

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Member Opinions

Sinistra Sinistra

Taking after "Tenchi Muyo!" with the multiple girls falling over one guy has been overdone but Shuffle takes a GREAT plot and makes it more interesting. I loved this anime and thought it was well set up to make it interesting.
If you are into Fan Service you get a lot of it in this anime. with the now and then Ecchi and what have you it really doesn't take away from the plot. Really great anime

KazablanKa KazablanKa

I actually liked this anime, even though i hate the harem type. The Ecchi wasn't necessary though..
it has a nice story,not original, but nice, cute art, funny moment and the most important... a cool ending
i mean really,the ending is different from what i have expected, and who thought it would be like that? (i don't want to spoil anything so...)
anyways when you like these Genres: "Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, School, Harem, Seinen" then go for it and watch it,it's really cool one and you won't regret. And even though Rin isn't the best thing, he's still bearable.


Another one I own with the exception of Shuffle! Memories.

I don't like Fuyou Kaede.
Then again, I didn't like Tsukishima Koko of D.C.II.
They both have Orange hair interestingly and they are similar to each other. It must be because of how they treat the hero when something happens.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Typical harem anime that has a slow start, but gets a little better as the anime goes on. The anime becomes really twisted and more depressing as the story approaches near the end as each girl reveals their own sins and sadness that the main character helps them to overcome.
The twists were unpredictable so cu dose to the creators for trying to change a harem anime up a bit, but in the end it just made everything more depressing and when the story finally ended, it ended in the typical harem anime fashion you would expect from other similar anime.

ghost945 ghost945

simply great. just as i thought i knew how the story would end, it turned up to be with a twist. yet everything felt so reasonable and coherent. characters idea pretty good, god, demon, human, and somewhat in between all living under one sky. this also created a trend thereafter. especially love that each character had a darker side which eventually came through and how they overcame their greatest fear. the fact that our main male lead also was a part of the darker history made it all more dramatic.

tishdon tishdon

A typical harem with splashes of gods, demons and magic. I guess it is aimed at main stream harem watchers (which I am not) and would likely satisfy that audience. Personally the most positive thing I can say about this series is that it has a surprising twist in the final few episodes.

zumopower zumopower

One of the best animes i have sen (so far). At the begining there was a regular harem romance opening, but as the serie goes on so does the plot and it takes some unexpected turns which makes the anime much more enjoyable as from the first thoughts.

shoemaster shoemaster

I had watched this series and became very dissatisfied at the twist. It basically another one of your usual harem anime with lot and lot of fan service and girls fondling over an ordinary guy who has to decide which girl he want. The only thing that makes this anime series stand out is the fact that two of the girls Nerine and some girl I can't remember are princesses from the world of the god and the world of the devil and they each want to marry Rin. The characters are unpredictable and change personality at later episodes, Kaede who is always calm, happy and reserved becomes a psycho bitch and the other girls lost their playfulness. The ending is another typical harem ending where it seems that the girls are just happy to be with the protagonist. if you don't mind harem anime with no substance then go for it.


I saw this anime years ago, and what I remember the most was the drastic change that had place in the lastest chapters. I mean, it was a comedy, and out of the blue, things started to get all dramatic and serious, I remember thinking Kaede was really damn crazy. My favorite was always Asa.

I'm giving it a 5.5, but I can't be really sure if that's right. I always remember my favorite animes and I couldn't remember very well this one. Besides, this kind of anime (Harem I think is called) is not something I really like to see.

LuckyShadow LuckyShadow

This was one of the greastest harem ecchi animes I have ever seen! It gets really sad at times, but most of the time it is very character relationship concentrated (as in it takes the relationships between characters very seriously) and makes sure to keep that in mind during most (if not every episode). At the end you'll definently get disappointed if Reen doesn't choose the girl you like the most, but other than that this anime is one of the best i've ever seen!

KyoXRena44 KyoXRena44

Another "harem" anime with a lot of lovely young girls and a very lucky protagonist. What makes this anime uniquely different from your other "harem" animes would be the fact that the "human" world is connected to the "World of Gods", and the "World of Demons". Well, how much more epic could a world where you can interact with both gods and demons get?? Not too many people can correctly guess WHICH girl the protagonist ends up with, so that could be considered to be a cool little surprise. A tad ecchi here and there, but if you enjoy that kind of thing, then more the reason to give "Shuffle!" a try!

Onikami Onikami

This Anime was much better than I anticipated. The story seemed to be predictable but in truth it really wasn't (which is a good thing). The characters backgrounds were all solid & it kept me guessing the whole time. My one and only complaint is that it ended too soon, I feel as though they could have kept it going if they chose to.


Yay for gods and demons. Trust me, this show is chock full of them. A portal has opened up between the god/human/demon worlds, and all 3 species co-exist peacefully. One boy, Rin Shuchimi is faced with a conundrum one day, should he become king of the god world or the demon world? Both the princesses have chosen which is it? Full of fanservice, and magical mishaps, this is one show that will have you laughing till you cry.

stargem stargem

A great series that has many romance/comedy themes that kind of make you want to pair up the characters by yourself, however it kind of bums you out if the couple you wanted don't end up together. The ending to the series allows some room to make your own ending, but is slightly limited.

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