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Kyoko has devoted her life to Shotaro. When Shotaro came to Tokyo to debut as a singer, she followed him and worked to provide for him. But one day, Kyoko overhears Shota telling his manager that Kyoko means nothing to him. She's just convenient, a housekeeper. This makes Kyoko furious, and she vows revenge on Shotaro. But Shotaro just laughs at her, saying she won't be able to touch him because he's now a popular singer and she's a nobody. So Kyoko decides to get into showbiz and become even more popular than Shotaro to humiliate him. Unfortunately, Shotaro has destroyed Kyoko's ability to love, and she discovers that it is a prerequisite for her to debut from her chosen company, LME. The president of LME puts her into a new section made for those who caught his eye but have something missing. Its name... Section Love Me.

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Weskalia's Skip Beat! Tv Review

Rated: 9

With someone like Kyoko in the lead, there is of course an super-sized amount of fun to be had watching Skip Beat!. But still, it ends abruptly when there was already another series did the same attempt ten years ago. Shoujo fans don't need to know what I'm talking about, it's Kare Kano of course. They've both ended so sudden even if the epilogues are followed by the manga, however, as much as Kare Kano had stumbled, this little gem has a more delightful end and thus, it doesn't need a sequel.

For over three decades, no series has been able to topple Glass Mask as the top shoujo/acting manga until now.

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Member Opinions

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I'm a huge fan of this manga, so I was really looking forward to the anime version but I have to say I was a little disappointed. The art is so bad sometimes I wondered if what I was seeing was actually the character they were supposed to portray. The one redeeming point is that they stuck with the original story but that's shadowed by the fact that they ended the story when it was barely starting to get good .___. I hope there'll be a second season of this anime and, hopefully, this time the art will be better.

ayamekuroyami ayamekuroyami

I absolutely love both the manga and the TV series. Though I wish they would have continued with more than one season of the anime, I still go back and watch the series over and it still makes me laugh. Skip Beat is just a fun series to both read and watch.

singlemoon singlemoon

My friend introduced this anime and manga to me, but I was showing absolutely no interest for any of it. When she lend me the DVD, I was thinking 'oh well, free anime to watch hooray~' and in the end give it a try. It started of pretty sweet and suddenly things got reaallllly interesting.
Most of the guys looks really handsome and I really like Mogami, that's why I can tolerate this anime. The plot was interesting in my opinion and great drawing, thou the anime somehow ruined it, a bit. but it's still great and since the anime was pretty short and the ending was a cliffhanger, I went to read the manga and keeping up with the update. XD
That's just show how much I like this series...

Musie Musie

I loved watching this anime so so much. The characters were great, with interesting personalities and actually a little something behind all of them. I watched all the episodes in a matter of days, loving the story line so much.
Sadly the ending wasn't great, leaving it pretty happy, but not really wrapping it all up, and so I have begun to read the manga which is still ongoing!
I really hope they do a Season 2, even though it has been a long time.

kuryuki kuryuki

I love the manga, but the anime was quite lacking ):
it doesn't have the best art, but the story is quite unique.
and it's really interesting to see different roles that kyoko comes up with.

and more than that the kyoko ren pairing is one of the few pairings that I support xD

ai-yame ai-yame

After watching this series, I immediately clamored for a second season [I do hope they're working on it now though, somehow]! You can tell the depth of the stories behind each character, and their distinct personalities contribute to Skip Beat's original storyline. I really enjoyed watching it!


This series is awesome! The anime doesn't go nearly as far as the manga, which was a bit disappointing. This is one of the few manga series' that I haven't just forgotten about as soon as I catch up to the current release. I really wish I could stay away long enough for more to come out, but this series is so addicting<3

Maki Maki

Out of place to say this but, Skip Beat in some way took me out of a depression, I don't know how to explain it but I feel this anime has a lot of positive content that could help anybody, I recommend it 100%


it's sooo good!!! i've read all the manga so far, and though i like ren a lot, i kinda prefer sho and kyoko to be together... but i don't mind either, so. reli hope there'll be a second season! cos there's so much more things the anime didn't do yet...

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