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Ephemeral-Garden's Slam Dunk Manga Review

Rated: 9

I just enjoy Slam Dunk. No, I enjoy everything from Inoue Takehiko. I play a little basketball but that is just one of the long-listing reasons to why I'm hooked with Slam Dunk. Having a complete collection of Slam Dunk is like owning a pile of gold. Unlike most shounen mangas, Inoue's usually full of guys with countable number of female characters, mostly good-looking ones of course. He don't really draw much about romantic relationships and focuses heavily on basketball matches and character's progression.

The ending is just great. It just leaves you with the feeling like "Owh... that's just great. Awesome. I'm touched to tears." The ending is just something you can't describe with words. But the feeling is just... blissful.

Slam Dunk might be old, but I still love it.

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Member Opinions

renlilica renlilica

It's a very entertaining anime, especially because it's based on a real person the main protagonist. It's a really inspiring anime the main reason why I've become such a big basketball fan. The way they play it the moves and everything about it rocks.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

This series is hilarious. I never really like basketball and I'm not really fond of watching anime (I usually read the manga) until I watched one of slam dunk episodes. I don't know how I can love this anime so much. Slam Dunk is probably the best basketball anime I've ever watched. The story is very well presented, the characters are unique and interesting. <3

SaraDJ SaraDJ

Slam Dunk is one of the best anime/manga ever. The design of the anime is nothing compared to the one of the manga, but the story is so exiting that you don’t mind to it. great character, great story, great humor. Everyone should watch this once in his life.

singlemoon singlemoon

I don't usually waste my time on sports anime but Slam Dunk catches my attention with Hanamichi crazy attics. He's not your everyday lead character in an anime. While Rukawa took the heart from girls in the anime, Hanamichi capture ours with his characteristic. Thou that bastard had his serious moment too, dang, can't really laugh at him when he's in serious mode. XD
Overall, it's a really enjoyable anime, no, enjoyable is an understatement; it's a GREAT anime, which will inspire you to no end~
My favorite character would be Hanamichi, of course. You never know what's you're capable of until you give it a try!

pdrawman pdrawman

Anime & Manga .... Powerful! the many other series I've seen on broadcast TV. Slam Dunk is the successor of the old memories of the epic "Oliver and Benji." The manga is without doubt the best of all time by calidadde drawing and coherent plot and perfect time. self-improvement and effort and friendship are the strengths of this series that also contained the comedy and the situations of problematic students. Slam Dunk with 101 episodes and OVAs varied, it isn measures lead to the candidate to continue with the sleeves type of sports and I enjoy great acceptance in the public inside and outside Japan. See it, do not repent.

Akiitsu Akiitsu

I didn't give it 10 just because the anime didn't cover all the manga story. The manga is just GREAT. The best manga I've ever read. I used to be on edge every time I was reading. And to think that I actually DON'T LIKE basketball, it's a miracle I even decided to buy the first issue of the manga. The craziness was such that I didn't have patience to wait for the releases and went searching for scanlations to read it faster. And still I bought all 31 volumes of the manga, they're currently neatly aligned on my bookshelf.

ghost945 ghost945

manga in everyway much better than anime. the smooth flow of action and characters' movement are so alive on paper. artworks for anime a bit on the downside. felt they were on a budget. songs are good though, matching tone and context. no particular seiyuu gave impressive performance. the ending for manga is much much more impressive and memory lasting than anime counterpart.

DreamBell DreamBell

Watched it since I was in high school lol. It is a good series and funny haha. For those who like sports a lot I would highly recommend them to watch it! Good humor mixed with a bit of serious passion for B ball.

deviant2 deviant2

mature only
genre mayor : sport (mayor)
genre minor : comedy, action, lovestories, triangle love polygon, etc.

Awesome ...
but ... i think its still uncompleted stories (or my tv ...) ...
because the story only tell us about his(/they) high school, but the story tell us they gonna takes the university.
still waiting next EP ...

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