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Ptptn's Slayers Tv And Ova Review

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Rated: 9

The TV series alternates slapstick episodes with very serious ones. The OVA was less suited for that and has a less constant storyboard quality, sometimes overdosing on humor, at other times hitting a perfect balance. The best OVA-era episodes in my opinion are the movie, and the first story in the OVA "Book of Spells". In the latter one Lina simply keeps refusing to have her head removed from her body. The idea was to place the head on top of a very powerful monster, creating the ultimate weapon. Naga liked the idea and found the resulting monster very attractive, but Lina disagreed. Violently and painfully for others.

The first TV series was the first Slayers anime. It is the story of the priest Rezo, born blind and determined to cure himself.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I only watched the anime that had Lina paired with Naga, I thought they were a really great pair together. I'm not fond of the TV series that much, I thought Gourry was not that interesting and lacked the colorful nature Naga has. What I liked more about the Lina/Naga partnership is that there's also a rivalry between them that adds another dimension to their interesting chemistry. I would watch the TV series if Naga was in it.

singlemoon singlemoon

I remember how I always run home or do my work in fron of the Tv every Sunday at 9.30 am, cause Slayer was on air at that time.
I just love it, thou Rina sometimes did things harshly. she had always been one of my favorite character, aside from Zelgadis. XD
It's funny and I just got to love the 'Romance' between Gourry and Rina, they're so funny, and idiot couple that is. XD
It's pretty old, but I still love it nonetheless. XD

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