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"Sleeping Beauty" is the story of the titular character, who is also known as "Briar Rose". At her christening ceremony, baby Briar Rose is cursed by a fairy whom had taken great offense at not being treated as an important guest: on her 16th birthday, the girl will prick her finger on a spindle and die. Fortunately, another fairy manages to alleviate the deadly curse, making it so that Briar Rose will fall into a deep, death-like sleep instead.

In an attempt to prevent this, spindles and spinning wheels are banned throughout the kingdom. But in spite of her parents' efforts, the curse still comes into effect because of a spindle that had somehow remained intact. Briar Rose sinks into a deep sleep and the good fairy creates a forest around the castle, isolating it from the world. 100 years later, a prince braves the forest and falls in love at first sight with Briar Rose, breaking the curse with a kiss. The two get married soon after.

The Disney version features several significant differences: Briar Rose's name is actually Aurora; she and the Prince (who is named Philip) meet before he rescues her; the fairy who curses Aurora (Maleficent) plays a much bigger part, as she disguises herself to make sure the girl pricks her finger (in the fairy tale, the spindle is brought to the castle by a random peasant woman), and returns near the end to fight the prince after assuming the form of a dragon.
For more differences between fairytale versions, see the Wikipedia entry. Also see: Spinning Wheel.

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