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After returning home from an overseas trip, Yutaka Hayama is shocked to find his lover has moved out of their apartment. And he's got a new roommate as well?!

Features the side story "So Close That It Touches": Junpei and Tsutomu have been together since childhood, when they declared their "love" for each other. Now that they're in high school, however, Tsutomu has inexplicably started distancing himself from Junpei.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Even though I'm normally a fan of Kai Asou's works, this one didn't have the same feel as her others. I didn't really feel any connection to the characters and had to wait a lot for the payoff because most of the manga is spent analyzing and discussing rather than showing or moving the plot along. It was nice to see the lover's point of view and it certainly gave the story a different angle, but there's not much going for it in the end. Pretty average.

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