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Yorito Morimiya is a normal 15-year-old high school student with a unique interest: he loves the sky, whether it be just gazing at it, or taking pictures of it. He lives alone as his only family - his elder sister, Aono - is sickly and in the hospital.

While setting up his equipment to take a picture of the dawning sun over the sea, Yorito meets a young girl, but she leaves before he is able to ask her name. The next night, the two meet again; the mysterious girl introduces herself as Matsuri Shihou, and she seems to share Yorito's interest in the sky. The third time they meet, someone appears with the intention of harming Matsuri...and Yorito discovers that she may not even be human.

Based on a synopsis written by Miyuki89.

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Shoujoboy's Sola Tv Review

Rated: 9

I went into Sola with no knowledge of exactly what the show was about. From the opening through the end of episode one, I expected an average show that would dabble in romance or possibly even harem comedy. I had no idea the depth and the dark atmosphere I'd be later viewing. Let's get one thing straight, compared to many anime out there, Sola is fairly shallow on plot. But this show proved that an epic, normal human imagination shattering plot isn't always necessary. A simple, well told story can prove to be just as entertaining. That's what Sola does and does so well. It gives you a simple premise and expounds on it from there. In the end, you are going to be given an ending that every viewer will react differently to.

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

One thing that can be said about Sola is that is knows how to tug at your heartstrings with its drama and plot twists. It does have humorous moments, but these are usually short and the focus is on the drama instead (not the bad kind, by the way). I found something to like in every character and the ending was well done, not to mention the series didn't go on incessantly.


Sola is a really really good anime. The story is wonderful! Its full of fantasy romance and tragedy! LOVED THAT! XP
So here it goes: Yorito is a young boy attending high school. He loves taking pictures of the sky at any time of day and any time of the year. One day, Yorito decides to take a picture of the sunrise , but he meets a strange girl trying to force a vending machine that stole her money to give her what she tried to buy...a can of tomato juice. Yorito helps her , despite it being four in the morning. But by the time he has forced the can out of the machine, the girl has mysteriously vanished.
The next day, Yorito goes to visit his older sister Aono in the hospital with his friend Mana and her lilĀ“sister Koyori. That night he runs into the strange girl. They start to talk and Yorito finally learns her name : Matsuri. A few days later, Yorito goes looking for the girl in the old church and finds a man wielding a sword before Matsuri.Yorito discovers that she is in fact a creature known as a "Calamity of the Night" otherwise known as a Yaka : a supernatural being with lots of powers but a Yaka is immortal unless it gets too much sunlight or to many wounds.
She is being chased by Takeshi Tsujidou who intends to kill her, but Yorito tries to protect her.
Matsuri explains that a Yaka is the embodiment of human agony and pain and that such creatures are meant to always be alone. Despite this, the two fall in love.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

a romance anime about a boy who loves taking photos of the shy every time!ad he meet a strange girl when he was trying to take a photo of sunrise looking view however the girl has mysteriously vanished when she knew that the sun will rise soon

kushaljoshi kushaljoshi

its a awesome show but the writter should be killed dammit killed immediately for not making it a happy ending ...dammit y coudn't he just made a happy ending and let Matsuri and Yorito live happily ever after

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