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An interesting series with some, er, unusual revelations at the end. I liked the supporting cast far more than any of the mains, and while not detracting from the show itself, was not happy about what happened to many of them towards the end.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

I will start by saying that if you are not sure if to watch it or not, I recommend to try and watch it. It might be worth it :)

The story is a little hard to understand when the show starts (aside from the 'oh it's a homeless girl, why should've bring her home?'), and though that even as the show goes on it really doesn't get any clearer, at some point the REAL story would unfold, so hang in there :)
Once you understand the whole story, it's kinda nice. Not the BEST story though

singlemoon singlemoon

Well, I watched this just to kill some time. And then I actually started to like it. I love how strong Solty is, even thou she's naive. XP
The reasons why I love this series are because Solty is there, the funny moments between the bounty hunters and the relationship between Solty and Ray, it's constantly tested again and again, and it's usually up to Ray to put a closure since Solty is always ready to forgive, she's loving that is.
And after the funny moments, some serious stuffs starting to happen and you're only going to get some peace at the last episode. XD It's pretty tense for me.
Overall, I love it and I won't expect other to say the same thing cause my taste are pretty weird. XD

GunsxShurikens GunsxShurikens

This is quite an interesting anime that tells what humans are in the future. Advanced science stuffs (which have robot girl) and a huge gap between poor people and rich people.
Recommended to those who love futuristic type anime.

Wraith Wraith

I bought this solely on the first couple of episodes I saw. Though I thought I had bought the whole thing I had not gotten the last two dvd's. Another excellent series. One I should definitely complete.

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