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Desch's Someday's Dreamers Tv Review

Rated: 8

When i first discovered "mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto", it was in manga. It' s 2 books, which makes it too short for me. But i found all in an instant the manga great. Then i found the anime, which is 12 episodes. It's absolutely the same, but of course more explained. The fact is that i had the same feeling about the anime, it's just fantastic. I think the drawing make the spectator believes he is in a kind of dream, a good dream where everything is sweet, kind and extraordinary beautiful. Yume is the perfect example of that kindness and generosity. I think that it is the most interesting aspect of this anime, his property to make people smile.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

great artworks, great characters, great development both for characters and story. the color and tone adopted by artist made this anime particularly soothing to watch. highly appreciate the way the main leads' view of the world that shape us. with or without magical power, we come to appreciate what we have, how we grief and handles emotion.

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