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Kuroimisa's Sotsugyou: Graduation Tv Review

Rated: 5

The presentation. To tell the truth, it took me a lot of nerve just to sit through 20 minutes of the stuff. Yes. The characters drove me so mad to the point I really wanted to rip out my hair, or rip out theirs.

There are some famous seiyuu here, which is interesting. Touma Yumi is Shizuka- I’ve always tried to get my head around that. But if you are interested in seeing what these seiyuu have done in the past, be afraid. Be very afraid.

By presenting us with a cast of characters I cannot bring myself to like or empathise with made me dislike this anime highly. It subverts feminist values, and the characters waft in and out without any strong character or a brain of their own. The only character I found decent was Kiyomi the motorcycle garage girl.

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