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It has been two years since Ayumu Narumi's brother, Kiyotaka Narumi, mysteriously disappeared.
Ayumu does not know the real reason behind his brother's disappearance; his only clue is the mysterious note his brother left him regarding what Kiyotaka refers to as the "Blade Children".

What is Kiyotaka thinking, and why is he leaving the matter of Blade Children to his younger brother?
What will Ayumu do once he knows what the Blade Children really are, and that he is their only hope?

Based on the synopsis by PrincessMeyrin023.

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SnickerdoodleNinja's Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Tv Review

Rated: 8

Simply put, Spiral is as much fun as a barrel of monkeys with an ending that makes about as much sense as one. Truly, though, Spiral manages to provide new, interesting challenges to its characters in each episode that leave you wanting more while still having interludes in which characters just go about their daily lives. In fact, Spiral manages to show the character’s day to day lives without a single episode of filler not only by showing the emotions faced every single day, but also by sprinkling in well-placed moments of humor that remind the viewer that while things might be going south the characters are still just teenagers who want normal lives.

Whether you are interested in Spiral for its character development or its mystery, you will enjoy it.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I watched this series at an anime club I went to and a friend of mine brought this series he owned to watch and from watching it, Spiral was a cool anime to watch and the plot of the series was truly mysterious and compelling. The characters were well written and each of them had a special quality, especially Eyes...he's such a gorgeous character and he is my favorite of the series. The only things I didn't care for were the OP & ED songs and also Rio, I found her character annoying.

music-lover music-lover

I was intrigued on the different mysteries and situations that the main protagonist was faced with. It was even more interesting to see how he would come to conclusions and explain why he made the choices he did. Unfortunately, I didn't like the cliffhanger at the end on not knowing what happened to his missing brother. I also wish there was a bit more romance than the shred that was shown. Despite this, it was a good watch.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Pretty good. Getting better and better with time, still leaved me with many questions and unsolved cases. Overall the story is interesting enough to make you take a look to the manga (witch is in my plans^_^). I like the characters, theres many funny moments and awesome actions (like the game with Rio). Really couldn't stop watching^_^

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

I simply love Spiral. The anime could have done a better job conveying the manga, but overall I love the anime and own the whole series. My favorite character is Eyes Rutherford, one of the Blade Children the series is centered around. This is one anime I can watch over and over again from start to finish without asking myself "Why am I watching this again?" XD I <3 SPIRAL!!! *fan-girl cheer*

Aiira Aiira

This anime has a good spin, but as soon as you think you've figured out what the characters move are, it has another scene stored for you right in the middle. It keeps you on your toes. The story all but revolves around Ayumu's belief on his own power. Although Ayumu denies himself the power to surpass his long lost older brother, it kept him losing a few battles.

The story is a great one, if I say so myself.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

A very fantastic mystery themed anime. I LOVE IT. I remember Conan in this. Just speechless. One of my favorites. Narumi Ayumu is just so handsome. I love his thinking and his line. The story is awesome and I recommend this to all. One of my favorite parts is the one where he had to remove the bomb in his neck. It was really epic. EPIC. EPIC. It was really amazing.

chiara chiara

Ayumu's elder brother vanished without a trace 2 years ago. Now, Ayumu gets involved in mysterious cases of the police and the even more puzzling Blade Children which always challenge him. The story diverts quite big from the manga plot and has no conclusion. If you are prepared for many unresolved questions at the end of the anime than it is wotrth a glance. If you liked it nonetheless, I highly recommend to read the manga (complete in 15 Volumes) which I love ;).

symphonyofthieves symphonyofthieves

I had low expectations of this show in the start since I'd read that the ending annoyed many people, but I really enjoyed it a lot and despite what some people said, I DID grow attached to the characters. Even the Blade Children! Plus, at least two voice actors I like were used in this anime, and its always nice to hear them. But this anime keeps you guessing, it has its cute moments, its funny moments, and its serious moments. It's enjoyable to the end and the only fault it really has in my eyes is that it didn't really end - it would have been nice to see the later chapters of the manga adapted into an anime as well, give those fans who don't read manga a little more closure.

ShannaxZala ShannaxZala

Beautiful guys, a touching story, and close relationships. What more could a girl ask for, hm?
The story very much confused me at first, but I thought I'd continue watching it from start to finish. I have seen better stories though, this one is still good too.
Eyes' and Kanone's relationship is what made me watch it in the first place, though... Still, I liked both the original and the English Dub.
Like most series, I can't stand the main girl. Or in this case, any of the girls at all.
But my favourite sexy boy is Eyes. He is tall, dark, mysterious... He also has a voice that could kill anybody with it's beauty. He can also play Piano. That makes him perfect, in my eyes...

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