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Chihiro Ogino is an ordinary teenaged girl moving to a new town with her parents. Chihiro's dad loses their way and come across a tunnel in which ttakes them into the spirit world. They come across a seemingly abandoned theme park filled with many restaurants in which Chihiro's parents help themselves to the food. Feeling uneasyChihiro goes off to explore and meets a mysterious boy named Haku who warns her to leave before it gets dark. When Chihiro returns she discovers to her horror that her parents have been transformed into pigs. To rescue her parents Chihiro has to remain in the spirit world and find work at the spirit bathhouse to find a way to turn them back.

Written by syeung321.

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Cloudcherry's Spirited Away Tv Review

Rated: 10

This movie is not only my favourite anime, but my favourite movie. On making this movie Miyazaki did a lot of research into behaviour of certain animals and humans, and this devotion to detail is evident and one of the many reasons why Spirited Away won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and many other prestigious awards. Little things such as Chihiro falling behind then running to keep up with her mother, tapping her shoe when putting it on, tugging at her clothes when she is scared,holding onto her parents arms, and falling over all the time as she is clumsy add a sense of realism to the fantasy world she is in. Characters manage to convey emotion to the viewers with facial expressions and body movements cleverly so less dialogue is needed.

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Member Opinions

gadisitugirl gadisitugirl

I like how the little girl stays strong in her confused situation XD she is a hard worker and a loyal friend, we could learn that determinded will and struggle can bring us to our goal; it showed by the little girl's efforts to save her parents and help her dear friend, Haku

minayuri minayuri

This was an alright movie, kind of over-hyped and lacks the amazing quality of Miyazaki's earlier films like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Castle in the Sky. I connected more to the stories and characters of Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky more than Spirited Away.

Cirru Cirru

Just marvelous... from the little smoke/charcoal monsters that help Kamajii to Haku to Yubaba and her sister... just a really enjoyable movie that keeps you entertained and brings you into their world, for a short time. : )

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

I like the stories. Chihiro, the main character, is so funny. She is so... humanly. Not like super-heroine type who has super-power, super-kind, super-beautiful, or something like that. she is so normal in appearance n personalities. Thats why her adventure in the spirit world looks so interesting. Haku, the Dragon spirit, is great too.
Normally, I like Japanese dub version on the most anime I ever seen. But, this one is different. I like the English dub version better than the Japanese. The voice actors r so fitting for each characters. I like Chihiro, Haku, Lin, n Baba's voice.

aureawolf aureawolf

Another work of art from Ghibli, but that's just obvious. The story is about Chihiro and her journey, yes, but the other main character is memory; not only hers ('cause if she forgets about her name, everything is lost), but also about everyone else's even Mayazaki-sensei himself and the audience: The train goes through a sea, passes by these particular places, situations, peoples... You can't ride that train along Chihiro and the gand, look out the window and not to remember things from your past... you just can't.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Out of all Ghibli movies, this one is definitely my favourite. This is an all-time masterpiece, and it thoroughly deserves the Oscar and all the awards it has won.
While the plot isn't anything that will drive people on edge, it sure is very engaging to watch. This is a story about self-discovery. Through her journey in the spirit world, Chihiro transformed from a whiny, timid girl into an independent person that is sure of herself. The symbolism of human greed and avarice in the form of No-Face is worth reflecting on. The seriously polluted River God as well as the reason why Haku came to work for Yubaba in the first place also prompt us to think about the way we are treating nature. All in all, Spirited Away is a movie that makes people think about a lot of things.
The soundtrack, as usual, is touching as hell. The main theme 'A Summer Day', 'Chihiro no Waltz' and the ending theme 'Itsumo Nando Demo' (Always, no matter how many times), are my favourites and they really drive me to tears. Miyazaki-sensei and Hisayishi-sensei, I salute thee.
And now, some fangirling. Haku~~~ <3<3<3<3<3 ;)

orange-lisa orange-lisa

A beautiful story, actually very simple (it deals with the journey of a girl in a fantastic but a little terrifying land, who wants to get back home), told in so delicate way as to arouse strange feelings of peace and tranquility although being involved in the bewilderment of the protagonist who find herself in a mysterious and alien world. Excellent characterization of the characters, fabulous locations, great musics and even a bit of comedy.

CHIHIRO OGINO: "I finally get a bouquet and it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing."

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

One of the best DVDs that I own. The story, the animation, the excellent English dubbing (seriously, they worked hard at making it seamless!), the characters, and the crafted world in which the characters are trapped. One of the many things that MIyazaki knows how to accomplish beautifully is creating a surreal world, and making it appear tangible, and 'realistic' in its own special way. The characters are another thing that are done beautifully; they fleshed out, they do things that I both like and dislike, which is a sign of a great three-dimensional character. The animation is one of the best aspects of this- it has Miyazaki's signature style, and it so crisp, so fluid - it's unforgettable. Would I recommend this? Always. Check this out if you haven't already.

Raffachan Raffachan

Instead the fact this film was presented like a " a film from child", I found it really special for a mature pubblic, too.
I like the magic atmosphere, and the strange world where the girl fall down...and I really like the epiloque of the story, too.

adelin95 adelin95

So nostalgic. :D
I watched this movie when I was really young. My cousin bought it and recommended it to me. I still have a strong memory about this movie, since it really did leave a great impact in me. I think I'm gonna rewatch this movie soon. (: I really love Haku when I watched this.

lilylily09 lilylily09

Studio Ghibi Is the favorite of mine and this is the best studio that I never see before. Spirited away the first movie I saw. Every action in this movie is so good with a good character and story that make me want to watch it everyday. This movie is very interesting but why in the final chapter Haku can't go with Chihiro. I hope this movie have a second movie.

singlemoon singlemoon

The saying 'Never judge an anime from it's cover' applies for some animation and Spirited Away is one of it.
The first time I saw the CD cover, I was laughing cause Chi's crying face looks funny (forgive me for my rudeness, it appears that I was still a kid back then). I'm not sure when I watched it, but I got the Chinese Dub version. (Oh noes! I finally realize what I've been missing! The Japanese dub!) That version is still good, and the voice actors are really good. :)
The first thing I realized when I watch the anime is the mysterious aura when they stopped in front of the tunnel, and it's make me keep on watching it. Haku is a bonus, and so are the great scenery! Ah, I just love all of it! (oya, I remember now, after seeing Haku's dragon form, I was inspired to draw a manga and I was just twelve at that time! But the manga turn out to be quite a disaster!XD)
P/S: I also love the OST (yeah, yeah it's always about OST if it's me XD).

Glukogen Glukogen

This is something special. Fabulous and mysterious atmosphere does not leave you the entire movie (I especially liked the scene in the train runs through the sea). Character design and environment worked out perfectly.
The ending leaves a sad feeling, but also an opportunity for guessing
I saw him about ten times and I'm ready to review once more

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

Another who hasn't seen this movie, right? I guess because it's one of the only anime films I've seen make it to theatres...besides Summer Wars and Howl's Moving Castle, and Ponyo. I thought this movie was okay, Chihiro really bothered me, like, the entire time. XD And sometimes I think this movie is so popular, it's kind of overrated. I prefer Nausicaa, Monoke, and Castle of Cagliostro over this movie, but they aren't as popular. I'm not saying it's bad, just don't let the over-the-top fanbase make you believe that it's the ONLY good Miyazaki film. Please check out his other films and then you might have the same opinion I have about this one.

trofikabinet trofikabinet

This movie completely got me. It has a wonderful and extremely interesting story that sucked me in the moment I started watching it. The moralof the story is definitely not to be greedy and help people in need with everything you got while keeping in mind not to give up. The characters are interesting, all cover in mystery that slowly gets told during the movie. All I can say is that the movie is definitely worth the time watching it since it's a masterpiece.

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