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Member Opinions

orange-lisa orange-lisa

This anime doesn't have a story, it's just a long presentation of characters (twelve boys, each representing a zodiacal sign) that ultimately do nothing. The girl, who is meant to be the main character, is completely useless and each episode focuses on a different boy without dealing about the relationship he has with her. The few things that happen are left open. It's a pity, with such a beautiful cast they could have done much better.

YOH TOMOE: "The days have been so hectic. Time doesn’t know how to stay still. Even if I wished for it to stop, it’ll never come true. Time only flows by mercilessly. The appointed time is sure to come."

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

the first reason why I watched this anime was because it is about starts and zodiac signs and it is so rare to find such an anime about those themes, but unfortunately I was disappointed because of so many reasons that have beaten the reasons why I watched this anime
first of all, I really hate harem animes and this one so harem so I didn't find it a good thing to suit well with the main themes and the only girl in school idea sounds a bit hard to believe
some of the episodes were good,funny and you will not notice how the time passed, but there are some boring weird episodes too so you will have a hard time watching them and for some reason the time won't pass that quickly
if you like pointless, harem and full of bishies anime then this one will perfectly match your tastes but for me it was just a waste of time

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

This anime is about some teenage boys - with their different zodiacs n traits - and somehow usually including one girl (same girl). I think it's more about their stories instead of her. And in the end, that girl being friends with everyone. She didnt choose one of them to become her boyfriend or something. The stories are into friendship more than romance.
Nice artwork and nice songs. But the stories is so standard. It's not memorable.

aureawolf aureawolf

Everytime (as far as I'm concerned) that the zodiacal signs are the main theme in an anime, it ends up as a very weird mix of random stuff. This is no exception. I appreciate the bishie treat (we all thank for that) and it's rather nice to see that lots of them are nice guys without the classic psychologycal mess, but they don't give us something to cling on to! There's no story whatsoever and when there's a hint of a solid plot, they turn to the next sign... The girl has no purpose, none! Normally, in this kind of series (with lots of otome fan-service), the female main characters are grey and useless (surely so the female viewer can imagine herself in the center of all those cute guys), yes, but they usually do at least a little something in the story... The chick's presence here makes no difference at all! Such a shame... 'cause the main concept is pretty good and could've been such an awesome series... what a waste.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Watched because of the list of seiyuus, never seen a better cast I guess... Art style of the characters is nice, somewhat like bishie heaven^_^ Having all these they should be able to make a lot better project than it is. Just a view of the stories are good and fun to watch, most of them are just kind of boring, not ended well. Pity.

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