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The story starts off with Rintarou Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist who goes to attend a presentation about time travel with his friend Mayuri, but discovers the body of researcher Kurisu Makise. When he sends a message to his friend Daru about the matter, he suddenly finds himself in the streets of Akiba with everyone gone. After Mayuri wakes him up, he discovers not only that the presentation was canceled, but that a large satellite had crashed in the very building he was in earlier.

Shortly after, he and Daru go to attend a different lecture; there, they find Kurisu alive, and Daru mentions receiving a text message from one week ago. Investigating further, they discover that their microwave machine can send text messages back in time. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones interested in time travel. The shadowy organization SERN has been running their own experiments, and thanks to Rintaro's frantic text to Daru, they've clued in to what Rintaro and his friends have discovered, and are closing in...

Synopsis: Weskalia

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Weskalia's Steins Gate Tv Review

Rated: 9

In theory, time travel has always been one of the strongest and most beneficial concepts, but practically speaking, not everything can have the amazing budget and loveable screenwriting of Back to the Future. Comprehensiveness in this respect has caused the longer of the previous 5pb. titles to drag at times, though, so the decision to focus on only a handful of cases may have been the lesser of two evils. The series makes up for that with intertwining storyline, unique characters, though, one which waits until the last few episodes to reveal the true meaning of the series' title.

Other than that, this is one of the most complete series of the year and also one of the best, and to think that there's still the movie adaptation to catch is incredible.

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Member Opinions

luminaire66 luminaire66

another great anime that i admire, this is one of the best anime i've ever seen, from the unique characters to the awesome plot to the actions that require during the story, Okabe made this anime 10/10 he's such an amazing character with a funny personality yet serious when it counts the most, Kurisu is an amazing character and smart/beautiful leading lady with a lot of traits that i admire, the pair of Okabe and Kurisu makes the story more enjoyable and also with the help of the other characters the series gets more fun, i loved the time-travel story.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

A masterpiece in recent years. Creating a well-handled story about time-travelling is never an easy feat, and Steins;Gate really is the creme de la creme of the sci-fi genre.
The plot seems extremely muddled and nothing makes sense in the first episode, which has surely deterred many from continue watching, but the ending clears everything up so thoroughly that the rewarding experience of watching the anime till the end almost seems like an epiphany. It is filled with emotional moments and unconventional elements so I simply can't get tired of it.
The characters are all dynamic and believably authentic. Miyano Mamoru has truly outdone himself in his portrayal of Okabe Rintarou the self-proclaimed mad scientist. The character's apparent lack of common sense and silly flair for the dramatic are delightfully conveyed, but it is the delicate expression of the his gentleness and fierce loyalty buried beneath the surface that makes his performance so impressive and applaudable. The tsundere heroine Makise Kurisu is another of my favourite character, whose selflessness is on par with her adorableness. The interaction among the characters is entertaining enough even if one's not impressed with the plot (which I highly doubt could happen).


I was blown away after watching this anime. First, I learnt a few things about the world. I was empowered that I could change things even though it is a very small change. I also use this anime as a reference that there is no way to come back to a past situation because the world has been changed forever. I noticed too a caution on scientific discoveries which might rapidly shift to some kind of domination. Finally, I would suggest watching this for the characters development.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

I've always loved stories dealing with time-travel, and Steins;Gate manages to deliver a good story with a strong plot. Plus, there is some drama, many shocks and twists and some laughs in store. I'm completely hooked! The characters are great, but they truly shine when they are interacting together, especially Makise Kurisu and Okabe Rintarou. Definitely recommended, and I'll definitely buy Steins;Gate when it will be licensed.

ghost945 ghost945

story progresses slower than thought. central topic about time travel has always fascinate me. seiyuu hanazawa-san noticeable performance. with story unfolds each week, more is reveal and more explanation on those dates and time presented in black&white. Events in plot all pretty much interlink and related. Good job. had high expectation of this anime but disappointed in the middle but picked up the passion again towards end.

randomly--random randomly--random

Steins;Gate is one of my favorite animes from Spring 2011. With the interesting plot about time travelling, at first I got really bored with it but then, after the second episode, it had me looking forward to this every week. Story-wise, despite being an anime about time travelling, Steins;Gate gave considerations to those aren't into complicated things such as technical and scientific terms about their researches. Depending on the viewer, the story may seem boring but personally, it definitely caught my interest most especially after the second half. The second half definitely gave way for more interesting and intriguing things. Suspense has been rise up though the scenes mainly focused on Okabe, Rintarou and his dilemma. As for the characters, they are all practically good. Okabe is definitely one of the most outstanding main characters I've seen this Spring 2011. Being a serious-comedy type of guy, Okabe definitely lift off the boring part of the story. Then, another interesting character is Shiina, Mayushi. She's Okabe's childhood friend and she's lab member 002 though she doesn't really know anything about what Okabe is doing. She's the most innocent character and Okabe will do anything to save her even if it means crossing various world lines over and over. Music-wise, Steins;Gate didn't really caught my interest when it comes to OP and ED and background music. Though the background music is definitely very fitting for the scenes and it adds mood that it can actually reach its viewers. As for the seiyuus, it amazed me when I found out that Okabe, Rintarou was actually voiced by Miyano, Mamoru because he doesn't really sound anything like the typical voices of Miyano. Though Miyano doesn't have that attractive voice (i.e. Tsunashi, Takuto of Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto and Suoh, Tamaki of Ouran High School Host Club) in this series, his voice as Okabe is still as epic as ever(: Other seiyuus that I enjoyed for this series are: Hanazawa, Kana as Mayuri (Tu-turu~), Momoi, Haruko as Akiha, Rumiho (Feyris-nyan!) and Imai, Asami as Makise, Kurisu. Other characters also have outstanding voices which makes this anime really great! :D As for the art, I do have to admit that it isn't anything great. The character designs are somehow too stiff but I'm not really picky that's why I can keep watching this. Despite the stiff drawings, their emotions are still very well depicted in the scenes. So it's not practically bad since it definitely fits the atmosphere of the anime. Anyway, forgetting the character designs, the background is definitely outstanding as well as the times when Okabe travels from one time line to another. Overall, Steins;Gate is a sci-fi, time travelling concept anime which is probably one of the most amazing animes for Spring 2011. This anime is recommended for those who have watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I don't really want to mention why because it can be a spoiler for those who haven't watch Madoka but then, for those who have, Steins;Gate is definitely parallel to it(:

abaddon13 abaddon13

The main character makes a science themed anime amusing, and I don't usually watch this types of anime.

The voice actors are really great as they all have quirky habits per character. I love all of them! The mortality of the characters are pretty good, you can't really guess what's going to happen next each time they "time leap". Though I'm not too fond of the canon pairing between Okabe and Makise Kurisu, it's ok just the same.
A good watch, and am waiting for more!

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