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Plot Summary: In the near future, earth faces the threat of colliding with a wave of comets approaching the Solar System. As a solution, the United Nations created an elite force named Comet Blasters. Composed mainly of sexy young women based on orbital space stations, this pilot force's mission is to destroy the approaching comets before they threaten the planet.

Back in earth, the UN also formed a groundbased secondary force called Meteor Sweepers. Whenever Comet Blaster missions fail or when comets are not annihilated completely, Meteor Sweepers are dispatched to clear out leftover meteor fragments that pass through the atmosphere. Essentially, only the best Meteor Sweepers get the chance to become one of the celebrated Comet Blasters, who are superstars in their own right for saving the earth from the ever-constant threat of Armageddon. By princessmeyrin023.

Site: http://www.stratos4.jp/

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