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At the top of Astraea Hil there are three all-girl schools: St. Miator's Girls' Academy, St. Spica's Girls' Institute, and St. Lulim's Girls' School. The Etolie a representative of all three schools and respected. Nagisa Aoi just transferred to St. Miator after her parents went overseas for work. Nagisa is a bit of a klutz and on her way to school her first day she trips and falls only to end up lost and runs into Shizuma Hanazono the current Etolie as she was flirting with another girl. Shizuma instantly takes a liking to Nagisa whom at first is mesmerized and unable to move as Shizuma looks at her. Eventually the two start growing ever closer.
As they get closer, Shizuma soon comes to realize she must face up to her past before she can move forward.

Credits: Mew1Mokuba

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Shoujoboy's Strawberry Panic! Tv Review

Rated: 9

Strawberry Panic will not instantly hook many as it did me, and takes a good amount of time to actually get up and running before you just have to have more. Not only that but it will rightfully so be compared to its predecessor in Marimite, which is needless to say a very difficult show to surpass. It does provide a good time in the beginning, but will likely lose a lot of viewers before it ever gets close to its climax. By the end of the show it will have played with many emotions. There are times to laugh, times to worry and times to cry. There may be instances that you will want to yell at the screen because they just don't seem to do what you want them to do on the screen. The biggest thing that benefited this show was the 26 episode format fit it perfectly.

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Member Opinions


I absolutely Love this series!!!!! I just wish there was more!! ; ). I would also love it if there was a little more explicit scenes....more passionate kisses, full's just a Beautiful series all together. I'm sure we've all been in a situation like theirs, wanting and yearning to touch that special someone but too shy to make a move.
If anyone here's of more yuri pics or just more of these Fantastic ladies in action, please let me know!!! I'm a Huge Fan!!! ; )

kuroneko123 kuroneko123

well, since i'm a yuri anime/manga fans. of course i watched this one..
the story is a little complicated, but still i like it..

i can't describe it to much since i watched i long time ago, so i forget a little about the story.. lol^^
but it's great.. ^^


Another good Yuri based series. It is one of those 'story driven' animes that needs to be watched all the way through to be appreciated. Strong characters and a rich story of love, confusion and discovery, Strawberry Panic is a series that can be watched over and over again.

Some might differ from my impression of the series... but for me, it is a very fine story.

ghost945 ghost945

another animation on a taboo topic. lots of characters but clear theme throughout. unlike other anime with similar number of complex relationships, this one is easy to follow thanks to it fully utilising two seasons. characters were developed, explained and we are able to share their growing up. comparing this to maria-sama, same taboo topic about homosexuality, maria-sama only touches on the topic. strawberry panic is more explicit in its view on that.

Velortian Velortian

Quite some time has passed since the last time I watched something so magnificent. Even tho I'm normally not that much into enormous loads of drama this really touched my heart (does this sound weird now? I think so somehow O.o). The only critique I have to utter is that without a sequel (that pretty much can't be as good as this one) the ending lets the audience alone with too many unanswered questions. The question that came into my mind first was after the credits when Tamao-chan says something like welcome back (had to translate the subtitles so that's probably wrong idk) to Nagisa-chan. What happenedbefore between Nagisa and Shizuma? And what will happen after it since Shizuma graduates from that school? Otherwise it was perfect and clearly deserves a 9.75

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