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Suikoden I Game

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Suikoden I Scans

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Athrun07's Suikoden I Game Review

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Rated: 8


Yes, the sequel to Suikoden. So, what exactly are the improvements? Well, most of them lie in the gameplay. The idea is similar to Suikoden. You play the game until you get the headquarters, you gather soldiers, you go on missions, you fight in wars, you complete the game. Ok, this sounds boring, but it really isn't. The improvements make Suikoden II different from it's older brother. For example, the battle window has changed, and takes up less room on your screen. There are a lot more things you can do in your HQ now. Stuff like fishing, farming, view stage performances etc. Yeah, those things aren't really important, but as you can see you do have more options. Also the menu screen has improved.

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