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Chikaru-chan Chikaru-chan

Suite Pretty Cure is my second favorite series after Heartcatch Pretty Cure. The strong side of this series are: character design, costumes, transformations and music. Original soundtrack from this anime is my second favorite from all Pretty Cure series. I really recommend to listen it :)
I think that Suite Pretty Cure had really hard way to 'be good magical girls' after being successor of very good series, called sometimes as the best of all - Heartcatch Pretty Cure.
The theme of the anime is music. Literally. Everything in this anime we can associate with the music - the name of the city, the school attended by main heroines, streets, parks. Even people living in the city prove to us that music plays an important role in their daily life. It enchanted me in some way.
The worst part of this series was very fiddling reason for quarrel between main protagonists. Maybe the creators had the plan and the idea of this in ​​the story to create it more interesting. As for me, it did not work. Also sometimes the voice of the one character (Hummy) made me kinda irritated.
After all, I can recommend this anime to you if you just started your journey with Pretty Cures and you do not know what to watch at first :)


As a music student I am enjoying this series so far it is my second favourite after Fresh! I completely fell in love with the opening song and the art design. Cure Melody and Rhythm's initial friendship problems added a different flavour to the series rather than just the boring fighting bad guys format that I felt previous series such as Yes 5! had.

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