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Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! Series, Game

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Hashiba Sora has been in hospital since he fell from the school building. When he comes back to the boarding house, his childhood friend Fujimori Sunao transfers to the school. By the good office of Honjo Matsuri, who is the leader of the boarding house and their childhood friend, Sora and Sunao are assigned the same room. However, because Sora doesn't remember Sunao, Sunao gets angry. Then, Matsuri tells him that Sora has lost his memory...

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

For a shounen-ai/yaoi slice of life anime series, it's rather kawaii. The dynamic between Sora/Yoru x Sunao/Ran's relationship is quite unique, denying their feelings as themselves but being passionate with each other as their Yoru and Ran persona's and knowing who they are to each other as Sora and Sunao, they begin to embrace how they truly feel for each other. Their relationship is one I can be fond of as well as the relationships between Nanami x Shinichirou and Nagase x Gaku, the former being truly sweet and endearing and the latter being a case of opposites attract, but all of the couples having great chemistry. Matsuri is a pretty funny character, I love his outgoing personality and his "Jack of All Trades" club is interesting and fun. However, the anime could've used the main antagonist, Professor Aizawa more than the last two episodes he was in, the hotsprings episode was rather lame and character designs could've been better.

RoseKoneko RoseKoneko

Wow. I hadn't really gone into this series expecting much, but it turned out to have a really interesting plot. Most of the ending, you see coming, but a GOOD chunk is surprise. The relationship between the main characters is also adorable, but not forced.

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