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Weskalia's Supernatural the Animation Tv Review

Rated: 7

As a remake product, Supernatural: The Animation is exactly the kind of experience any fan of both kind has been waiting for. Still, the biggest problem of this series is the same kind Madhouse did to Devil May Cry several years ago, a bunch of monster hunts tied together and ended up overreacting during the last episodes. Kidding execution and writing aside, it's not bad for fans of the TV series to watch the same story in anime format... they still might be better off watching Supernatural season 7 because the creativity and intellectual of this series are average at best. It's simply a piece of well-executed service, and by keeping the same animation style, the same story format, and even the same actors, it succeeds on that front.

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AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

I'm a big fan of the Supernatural TV show, so not watching the anime based on it would be a sin... Well, I got a wonderful time with it^_^ after short time I get accustomed to the art style and anime versions for Dean and Sam. A lot of episodes has exactly the same plot, some chapters are added and some are a little remade. Anyway, the main plot stays the same as we follow it in the TV show. In addition the music is really awesome, helps to feel the original Supernatural in it. Generally I think its a fine adaptation. I wonder if someone can like it the same without watching the TV version previously. TV show is better of course and I highly recommend it^_^ It's my favourite one after all^_^

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