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Suzuka is a high school romance story. Yamato Akitsuki, the male lead, travels to Tokyo for high school, wanting a change in environment. He lives with his aunt, Ayano Fujikawa, who operates a women's dorm. In order to live in the dorms for free, Yamato agrees to help her clean the showers every day.

One afternoon, Yamato came across the high jumper Suzuka Asahina. He was immediately mesmerized by her beauty, poise, and ahtletic ability. It turned out that Asahina actually holds the Japanese high school record for high jumping. As an inspiration for many people, she is under a lot of pressure to meet everyone's expectations. Yamato helps her along the way, and a relationship develops between them that is filled with many hardships.

Credits: hiddensnakehands

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ChiekoKawabe's Suzuka Tv Review

Rated: 8

In the end, Suzuka became one of my all-time favorites. Whether it is because I enjoy romance dramas too much for my own good, or because the anime was just great by itself, I just loved it anyway. The humor was there when you needed a breather moment, and the drama never became so horrible that you had to turn the TV off. It was realistic and it made me feel like I was watching classmates at school fall in love.

In the beginning, the anime starts off and shows its true intentions, however it doesn't shove them at you. It lures you in then gradually shows you what it plans to do. I would recommend this anime to any fan of shoujo.

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This would be a point or two higher if it had actually went all the way to the conclusion of the Manga, which is one of my favorite ends to a harem manga, ever. As it stands, a good start was marred by the fact that it just kind of ended, as many of these tend to do.

angelearth10 angelearth10

Most reviews will diss this show as another one of the same type anime but I tell you it is so much more. Perhaps, its more for girls to understand then boys because the main; Suzuka; whom usually is called mean or worse in reviews; is a normal girl who's had a huge lost in her life and is then starting her next year of school in another place. Totally different from her. Personally; I doubt I'd be all bubbles either but when watching keep an open might and have some sympathy. If your looking for a show with cuddles and hearts. This isn't for you but if you want to see a show that is so down to earth and real but still exciting and entertaining. Then Suzuka - Sport is not a Spectator Sport - is for you!

johnvolk johnvolk

This was the seconed dramma anime i have seen, and it strouck home right off the back with a cast of vary well desined characters, some with self dought, some with self esteam issues, and even the drunk.this shows a little much for younger teens. in fact some of those sceans might as well been x-rated. but a few where there in a vary tastfull way. i loved how the story line went from happy to serious in like one chapter. but in the end it turned out to be a people pleasing anime and manga, im look for alt endings to spice it up some more.

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