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"Swan Lake" is a ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76; usually presented in four acts, it is one of the most popular ballets, in spite of its initial lack of success. Its origins are disputed; while it does bear resemblance to several fairytales, they are too small to be considered absolute sources of inspiration.

The story follows Prince Siegfried, constrained by his mother to get married and end his carefree lifestyle. During a hunting trip, a swan that Siegfried almost kills suddenly transforms into the Swan Queen Odette; she confides that she and her friends are under a spell which only allows them to assume human form at night, and can only be broken if someone who has never loved before swears his love to Odette. During a ball, the evil sorcerer responsible for the spell, Von Rothbart, arrives accompanied by his daughter, Odile, enchanted so as to look identical to Odette. Siegfried is taken with the fake Odette and proclaims her as his bride. When Von Rothbart reveals the truth, Siegfried rushes back to the lake and apologizes profusely to Odette, and the two reconcile. However, Von Rothbart appears before them and demands that Siegfried fulfill his promise to Odile, but the Prince chooses to die alongside Odette. The spell is broken and Von Rothbart dies, while Odette and Siegfried ascend to the Heavens.

Common visual tropes representing Swan Lake highlight Odette's human and swan personas, and the competition between Odette and Odile (who are often represented in contrasting colors). Relevant tags: Ballet, Dual Personas, Swans, Yin and Yang.

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