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chiara chiara

I really like this OVA. If I remember correctly the whole situation displayed in the anime wasn't a part of the manga but that's not a problem. I think the depiction of the characters is what counts and to give a short insight at the overall story (the situation, work, persons, relationships, aims are nicely introduced). Therefore I find the characterizations of Hal and Kai well done. Hal the experienced agent, confident and serious with work and rather difficult to approach as person. Kai the newbie, friendly one, at times a bit clumsy but always trying his best with work and Hal. The OVA gives a quite good picture about the relationship between these two and remains mysteriously by hinting issues around switch. The suspenseful and dark atmosphere mixed with seriousness in plot by showing both sides in work makes the manga appealing and are implied in the anime too. I would really love to see it turning into a series by following in the shown manner.

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