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Swords are among the most basic type of weapon, the variations in design making them extremely volatile. The skill attributed to handling a sword is called "swordsmanship". In modern times, swords are used in fencing, competitions, and ceremonial purposes. In the past, they also served as weapons during duels.

Their design changes depending on the purpose of the sword: backswords are cheap to produce and feature only one side of the blade that cuts; rapiers are thin and light and have very decorated hilts; smallswords (successors of the rapier) are light and designed more for thrusting. Longswords are the type of sword most common in battle scenes, although their use wasn't as widespread; they resemble a cross in design and are often heavy enough to require both hands to wield properly.

A notable depiction of swords in anime culture is the heavy blade, which describes a weapon with a blade that is so long and heavy-looking, a regular human will have trouble wielding it or find doing so to be downright impossible. Characters, however, are shown not struggling with the weapon at all.

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