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Z827's Taimanin Asagi Game Review

Rated: 5

This is a Review of Taimanin Asagi
This Visual Novel is... perhaps... more suited for people with a more... sadistic taste for things.
It is morally distasteful and ethically wrong and it is without a doubt any woman would be disturbed more than being angered by such a game. It's disturbing , warped up but it's certainly not the worst there is.
The plotline is almost non-existent as it wraps itself around one H-Scenario after the other , I really doubt there's even a ten minutes gap in between all those H-Scenarios.
If I must say so myself , this game is simply meant for men whom have a liking for more extreme content - but not to the state of which it would numb the mind of average individuals.
For those who can't stomach such things , avoiding it is advised.

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