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The flames of destruction have engulfed many villages in an evil warlord's quest to claim the immense power of the Evil King Dhaos, who was sealed away many years ago. Cless the swordsman and his companions pursue the warlord, but in the ensuing confrontation are too late, and Dhaos is freed from his magical tomb. With the words "Foolish human" Dhaos destroys the warlord in a fiery explosion, making it very clear that he is still bent on wiping out all of humanity. Seeing this, it becomes imperative that Dhaos be stopped then and there.

In their desperation, the mage Morrison realizes that Cless and the cleric Mint must travel back in time to enlist the help of the two individuals who hold a great enough power to drive back Dhaos and save humanity from his terrible wrath. With the last of his strength, Morrison sends the two back into the past, and thus starts their monumental journey to not only save their friends, but the whole of Midgard from destruction.

Description: hikago

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minayuri minayuri

I truly enjoyed this anime OVA series considering the two main characters are voiced by my favorite seiyuu, Takeshi Kusao and Junko Iwao. Kusao is definitely the king of voicing fantasy knight characters as he has done so many in his career. I loved the story, setting, voice acting, and brilliant artwork. I wish it was given the TV series treatment to flesh out the story and characters more though.

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