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Tales of Symphonia centers around a young boy named Lloyd who lives with his father just outside of Iselia, a town in the dying world of Sylvarant. According to legend, a Chosen will rise up from among the people and complete the "Journey of World Regeneration", which is supposed to restore the life giving mana back to the land, and vanquish the Desians, the anathema of the people. Collete, Lloyd's lifelong friend, is the current Chosen of Sylvarant.

As the story opens, Colette receives an oracle from the Goddess Martel instructing her to begin her journey. As she is receiving the message from the Angel Remiel, the temple is attacked by what the townspeople believe to be Desians. The priests and temple guards are slain, and Collete herself became endangered, but Lloyd and his Elf friend Genis had followed Colette unknowingly to the temple and take up the sword to defend her. With the help of a traveling Mercenary named Kratos, the attackers are killed and the Chosen is protected. Encountering many trials along the way, the group finally releases the last seals and heads to the Tower of Regeration, the symbol of hope to the people. There they must climb its great many stairs to the altar above, and it is there that Colette will complete the final step of World Regeneration. But there is more to this journey than meets the eye...

Synopsis: ElvishImmortal

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LightFykki's Tales of Symphonia Ova Review

Rated: 8

An anime made from an video game is not the same as movie made out from the video game or even movie made from an anime.
This one is different, because this OVA can either make you really wanting to watch and finish it, or just watching it for your time passing. In either case, you will enjoy it. What you have to notice at first is that this is an OVA, meaning episodes are around 30. (later they are even up to 43) minutes and there are just few of them, in this case four. All of them together make one part. There are more episode and we could say seasons, but I am just reviewing the first one.
What will probably leave first impression while watching it, is that anime goes very smoothly. It doesn’t go neither fast nor slow.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Of the "Tales of" metaseries I've seen Symphonia is the one I dislike; the story isn't that engaging and the principal cast aren't interesting. The characters I dislike is the main heroine Colette; I feel she's a one-dimensional waifu and that annoying little kid Genis. With Kratos' VA, I feel Kouichi Yamadera or Rikiya Koyama would've been best suited for the character, Fumihiko Tachiki's gruff voice makes the character sound miscast. The setting, story, and characters of Zestiria and Berseria are much more interesting than Symphonia's.

Missty-chan Missty-chan

Tales of Symphonia is one of my favorite game (if not my favorite) but "disappointment" is the first thing that came in mind when I think about ufotable's OVAs.

I really, really liked the Sylvarant part. It was truthful to the game for most of the part and the story made sense. Musics were.... truly beautiful and I liked the chara-design. The only bad point was : too short. Only 4 OVAs, it's way too short.

The Tethe'alla part was.... good but, here again, too short ! They tried to compress several hours of game with a lot of revelations, in 4 shorts OVAs. Everything felt rushed as a result. Additions could have been a good idea with some more OVAs to develop them (like for Zélos' past which was only mention in the game).

The Reunited World arc was the WORST. Most of the additions were useless, a lot of things didn't make sense at all (what happenned to Lloyd vs Kratos and the meaning behind it ?). The end was... not what I expected (those who read the manga or played the game should know what I mean).

The anime really disappointed me in more ways than one, but I still like the game and the manga. The story was so good. That's why I rate this 7 as a whole even if the anime is not really good by itself.

AngeKrystaleen AngeKrystaleen

Good anime, but not as good than the game !

OVA takes a looooong, too long time to release, the story is... Changed a lot, and for a fan, it just become stupid. >.<"

By the way, for a person who don't know the game, it can be a good anime.
The animations is beautiful, OST are corrects.

Personnally, as a fan, I prefer the bonus (Omake), who're really funny, than the anime itself due to the scenario...

AngedeCristal AngedeCristal

It's my favourite manga/video game/Anime ! =D

I love all in this manga : characters, story, design ect ect... I really want to see the 3 last OAVs <3

Bad thing of this anime : they don't respect the original scenario...

LightFykki LightFykki

For all the fans of Tales of games and beyond, this show will appear good. If not, then it might not be for you. It does have a heart warming story that goes a little bit too fast, but nice nevertheless. Some parts may appear like they are missing and battles are done in a quick action. But other than that, pretty good.
I also have a full review written here~!


Completed the first part, now watching Tethe'alla Hen. Zelos! Kratos! I liked how they somewhat take a different path of the game, but it doesn't make much sense, though. At least there's the storyline.

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