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minayuri minayuri

An amazing and great concept for the "Tales of" metaseries, to me I feel that this is the best one with the engaging story and the world-building it creates with the connection it shares with the newest series, Berseria. I'm truly am impressed with this series much more than Symphonia. The friendship and brotherhood shared between Sorey and Mikleo is endearing in how strong their camaraderie is and it's quite inspirational. Alisha is quite well rounded heroine with her character strengths and flaws, such as having her ideals challenged when confronted and how she responds to them. Edna's story is heartrending concerning her older brother, Eizen who's a prominent character in the Berseria series and his eventual fate. Berseria's heroine Velvet is quite the badass and I like her character. It's quite promising with the interesting cast of characters and the story of her group's journey. FLOW's OP "Kaze no Uta" is awesome and the animation sequence is beautifully made. S1 had a great season finale episode. S2 is shaping up to be amazing; Rose is the standout character this season and like the facets of her character.

Missty-chan Missty-chan

The rating might change sometime in the futur since the TV show is not aired yet. I only played the game and saw the OVA.
First of all, the OVA. It was good for an introduction, even if the end seemed a little off (they're throwing a party after what happens to Mason...).
The story of the game was really good (one of my favorite in the Tales of universe). I like Sorey, Mikleo, Edna, Zaveid.... Everyone in fact, except for Alisha (she's just too naive for her own good) and Lailah (she knows too much but tell very little).
The only issue (but it's a big one) was the gameplay. It's totally unpleasant to play sometime and it really can ruins your fun. It was really disappointing and that's why I rate this 7.5.

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