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minayuri minayuri

It was a pretty average slice of life series and not really an interesting one, I'll give credit that it's one of the few modern anime shows that isn't filled with harem ecchi hijinks and can be watched by every age group with its' lighthearted quirks, but overall it was an underwhelming series where the supporting characters don't have much screen-time and development and the talking bird was rather annoying. The movie was rather disappointing as I felt it could've been longer to go beyond the confession to show Mochizou and Tamako have their first date and have the movie end with their first kiss.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

The only reason I watched this anime is because it's awesome animation and cute character designs. This anime reminds me of Hyouka (the main character's personalities and appearance are very similar) and K-ON! I really love the first ending theme song. Hm.. I'm not a fan of daily-life story so I only watched the first 8 episodes and stopped because I got bored. ^^;

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The character design is the same as K-On because it's being made by Kyoto Animation but I don't mind that at all. Very cute and funny^^ I was surprised to learn Dera (the bird) could talk! He is incredibly funny to watch though he is a bit of a pervert. And after eating so much mochi he got fat and couldn't fly so he's going to have to stick around with Tamako and the others probably way longer than he oringinally planned xD Tamako herself is also pretty funny and also a bit of an airheaded. Mochikura os also pretty funny, between him arguing with Dera and interacting with his crush Tamako. ^^

espada357 espada357

When I first saw this show I thought: wait is that Chitanda? Apparently Kyoto Animation decided to fuse the Hyouka and K-On styles for this, which is not a bad thing by any means. Kanna is my favorite character by far. She's just really goofy and awkward making the show really funny in its own little, quirky way. It's my favorite for the Winter 2013 anime. Kyoto Animation does it again!

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