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dchoggia14 dchoggia14

Awww, Potte so kawaii. Lovely character design and the story very heartwarming. Truely my favorite, momoneko sama also adorable ~glittering~. Lovely opening and ending songs. Almost perfect, very unfortunately video I had is upscaled so the scenes looks bad :'(

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

An aria genre anime, peace, slice of life, with an awesome starting and ending songs. I am pretty sure it will bring smile on your face when you are blue, sick and feeling down.
The anime revolves around a group of girls, who have different passions and different choices but by some means had come together and became friends. Now as the days pass by, the good, bad and exciting times awaits them. Hope you will enjoy

ghost945 ghost945

ova story. great work. songs are lovely by the way. theme surrounding photography. interesting, very. seiyuu performance matching characters and giving them a touch of realistic feeling. overall artwork is outstanding given its only an ova. although story is short, we get to see a complete chapter of the characters' life with a purpose at the beginning and a satisfying ending. feels complete. great job. there's no real male lead but still felt balance thanks for the running theme in story.

randomly--random randomly--random

this is a refreshing type of series. i've finished the OVA and i'm currently waiting for the TV series. i'm pretty sure it won't be the favorite-anime type but it will still be good if you're looking for a relaxing anime to watch(:

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