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Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara Series, Visual Novel

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  • Tears to Tiara

    Tears to Tiara

  • Tears to Tiara

    Tears to Tiara

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Member Opinions


I checked this out noticing it was done by the same crew responsible for Utawarerumon. Unfortunately, while not sub-par, everything aside from character designs felt a notch or two below that predecessor. Still, it was worthwhile, and I bought it, but wasn't willing to pay extra for the blu-ray.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

It's s good fantasy anime with awesome animation and art, especially the outfits and landscapes. The character designs are also really nice. The storyline is pretty good, the battle scenes are amazing, and it has a nice ending (a bit too fast but okay). I enjoyed watching their adventure overall. :3

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

Had some potentially awesome characters and story elements, but it had so many characters that most of them were underdeveloped. The last plot arc and its twisting of religion was also pretty annoying. Is it sad that my favorite character was dead the whole time and only appeared in about ten minutes of flashbacks?

ghost945 ghost945

storyline old fashion but overall good for entertainment. many characters one theme. many female characters surrounding our lucky main lead. unfortunately for these female characters, story did not develop their individual stories to their max. with such a long span of episodes, should have given more insights. theme story rather old fashioned and predictable rendering it a bit boring. seiyuu performance saved this anime from bad to average. credits go to them.

koosha koosha

I heard this was based off the rpg game(hentai) of the same title.
Personally, I would say that I'd only accept and enjoy the colourful character design/introduction, background music
and how the story will unfold and end. I wouldnt read in too much of the religious/worship setting though, quite uncomfortable with that. Overall, a colourful fantasy tale!

Onikami Onikami

I enjoyed this Anime a lot, but I feel as though something was missing... The art was well done as expected, the characters were diverse and well planned as well. It just didn't have that "O my God" feel to it, I just didn't feel any intensity despite the intriguing story.

norine07 norine07

This game turned into an anime is on people will definitely catch,but i have to say that this anime is very slow moving, one cause when the characters start to fight, a minute later they start talking again, then fight then talk, will irritate you after awhile. However, the plot and storyline is still loved.

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