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In the land of Amber Ground, a place of perpetual night only partially illuminated by an artificial sun, there's monster creature called Gaichuu. They like to eat "heart" contains in a letter.
Tegami Bachi or Letter Bees are couriers that deliver and protect those important letters and packages.
Lag Seeing is a human letter that Gauche Suede must deliver. After a wondrous journey in which Lag almost died and saved by Gauche, they become a close friend and promise to seeing each other when Lag become a Bee. The manga then follows his ambition and the path of his idol Gauche who went missing...

Contributed by Azh

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Fallenkaze's Tegami Bachi Tv Review

Rated: 8

Tegami Bachi is one of those shows where you go in not knowing what to expect, but come out praising it. When you start Tegami Bachi it is honestly hard to put down, the connection to the characters may not be as strong as in say Angel Beats! But it still a strong connection. As you follow Lag's adventure across Amberground a rare thing happens, you genuinely start care for Lag, and the rest of the Letter Bee's.

Tegami Bachi stands as one of the most original, yet simple animes I've seen, I would honestly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, original, and heart warming anime.

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Member Opinions

chiara chiara

I'm a big fan of this show and manga. The animation is good and the story as well as the setting is very interesting and unique. They follow the manga closely till the 1st half of the 2nd season. I think after that they created its own continuation. I'm not sure how far the show digressed because the manga is still at a point where the plot differences only occur. Even though the show lets open quite a few questions its end is nicely done. The shown characters are manifold and have their own peculiarities. I really like the relationship between Gauche/Noir and Lag throughout the story and how the different encounters shape and influence ones character. I'm also glad that they didn't made a typical happy end !!ATTENTION SPOILER!! in which Lag's promise to Sylvette were fullfiled but rather both of them must face reality accepting Gauche's change and be still happy.

Dyuu Dyuu

Umm... the main chara is too crybaby 4 me. The r a lot of crying scenes on it even though I think they don't need to cry in some of those scenes. But the story is good. I like Zazie, Gauce, Nichie, Jiggy, n Aria. ^^

Kalrathia Kalrathia

Well, I'm currently watchint the second season (reverse) but I can say that I lake this anime very much ^^ I like the initial plot, and the characters' design. Maybe my favorite character is Zazie, but I like Lag and Niche too (and Steak, of course xD)

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

It's impossible, I'm crying all the time watching it! Can't figure it out how this show can make me so soft... It's just drowning with emotions and these beautiful sceneries. In about half of the first season some fillers starting but they still are so... well, without looking to manga I would't know they are actually eps out of the main track. In the second season action is faster (they stick with manga all the time I bet). Music is lovely as well and the characters are so so so adorable^_^ Concept for this show is so original (winter theme and deliviering letters)... just pure love^_^
Finished Reverse today, beautiful ending filled with hope^_^ I can speak of it as of my favourite anime now (next to PeaceMaker Kurogane and D.Gray Man) and restart the story with the manga. What I like the most about it... its the feeling that I lost someone, missed him so much, wanted bring him back and in the end had to accept the fact that I can never meet him again... but...


Great animation and a cute main character Lag Seeing!^^
Episode 2 ist my favorite XD
It's really sad that Gauche turns to Noir.I like Noir too with his cool and coldness, but I want the Gauche Suede who was adorable with Roda(dog).

The Gaichuu looks very unrealistic,like insect machine which will control by someone...

SourCucumber SourCucumber

Oh my god. This is probably the most emotional anime you'll ever see. Pretty much every single episode will give you a reason to cry, I know I certainly shed my share of tears while watching this. I can't believe how cute the whole thing is D':
The series sort of gives off this magical feel, I love it so much. Amberground does have some pretty cool scenery xD Also, I will say it. The protagonist is the biggest little cry baby I've ever seen. But I can't help but love him, he's so sweet!
....God dammit Gauche! ;A;

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

the seasson 1 of course ( when seasson 2 out ??...>_< )

a very touching story...
great character...especially niche...XD...so cuuute...

since lag at least catch up with "him"...
can't wait for the next seasson...

great anime to watch...:)


Tegami- Bachi: Letter Bee, is a very good Anime series. I think everyone should watch. To know that the letter you write is the heart you put into it just to send to that person. Thank you for everyone who supports this Anime!


One of the most striking anime i have seen in a while. The characters are drawn beautifully, and their growth and personality are seen wonderfully as the series progressed. I find the themes of vocation, and suffering for your goals and aspirations beautiful.

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

God Lag's is such a cry-baby...while yes it will drive you to the point of dropping the series...don't! There is so much character depth and high quality animation it would be a pain to turn away! With Gauche still missing, Lag's sets out with Niche (Lag's Dingo...) w/ Steak in hopes of becoming Head Bee and finding out the truth behind Gauche's disappearance. The story is slow in the beginning, but it's worth sticking out since the animation department is putting such high value into this series it's just worth it to look at the backgrounds and character designs.

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