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Uchu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade (Space Knight Tekkaman Blade) is a futuristic anime that spawned an American dub called Teknoman and a sequel OVA called Tekkaman Blade II. The series ran for two seasons and included 49 episodes and three missing episodes.

Tekkaman Blade takes place in the year 2300 AD or 192 of Federation Space Calendar. At this time, Earth is suddenly attacked by a mysterious alien race called Radam. After months of global devastation by these bug creatures, a lone hero appears in an organic mecha called Tekkaman Blade to fight them. After crash landing on the Earth from a nearly fatal encounter with another Tekkaman on the earth's huge orbital space ring, Tekkaman Blade (later named D-Boy) is found by the Space Knights. Throughout the anime, the struggle against Radham developed and Tekkaman Blade's secret past is revealed (and the consequences that unfold).

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Valiantzero's Tekkaman Blade Tv Review

Rated: 9

One of the more original factors of Tekkaman Blade is that the positions of each character are very believable. Examples abound with Freemen being 40 year old commander of the Space Knights and not a whiz kid extraordinaire and the main three characters’ ages are set between18-22 years of age. This is much more believable than the standard 12 year old saving the world that populates many of the hero title stereotypes. It gives the story more credibility (as far as science-fiction can go) and allows the more adult epic themes to flow throughout the series. Also, I found D-Boy’s transformation and after-transformation sequences to be very refreshing as now a naked man was shown instead of a naked woman.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

A must see for any fan of sci-fi mecha anime, both Tekkaman Blade and TBII are excellent series with compelling stories. The first series follows the emotional journey of a young man named Takaya Aiba nicknamed D-Boy by love interest Aki as he must battle against his family and friends as they have been assimilated by the alien race, the Radam and II follows up with the leads, D-Boy and Aki as they lead a new generation of Space Knights against a new threat. I liked both the TV series and sequel OVA equally, and it's a shame that the OVA series is treated with such disdain by fans, for I think animation-wise it was better than original because it used Hirotoshi Sano's designs and it was more adult-oriented. The flaws I see in the original series is the redundant re-cap episodes; which are one too many of, inconsistent animation direction, useless filler episodes here and there, and that horrible Levin character...so annoying and unnecessary...his role as engineer is better served by Honda, so I think the series would've been better without Levin, TBII's Dead End was a much better effeminate character for the series and much better looking. I think the TV series would've been more solid at 39 episodes IMHO.

riho88riho riho88riho

A little old, but aren't most of the good ones? Haha. It turned out really awesome ^-^ Graphics aren't the best, nor is the art, but I credit that to the age rather than an actual lacking. It's story and plot seem well developed and moving along nicely. Go-Go Blade!

zbujenka zbujenka

One of the 1st series i've seen and still high on my favourite lists (along with General Daimos). I like the mecha here, and the story proved to be interesting (though not exactly surprising), thanks to the main character - Blade.

keikasagawa keikasagawa

this is just one of those classic animes that was completly epic, i was actually surprised to see it on cheez tv (austalian kids show) considering it had some close to mature theme. like gundam never made it on cheez tv, except for gundam SD, and it had the same elements

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