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Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie

Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie Series, Visual Novel

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The legend of "Angel's wing" is handed down in the little town Fontille situated on the frontier. Lasty Farson is a cute girl who lives this town which is called a 'holy city'. Her eyes are differenct colors to each other, and she is a gentle girl always thinking of her mother.
One day, Lasty goes to the church as usual, but a mysterious cat appears out of nowhere and speaks to her! The cat speaks by telepathy and is the spirit Saaria Wynes. When guided by Saaria Lasty came to a strange corridor where a red-headed angel named Stephanie with waiting for her. Stephanie the angel tells her that someone is seeking Fontille. That the peaceful town was targetted by the secret society "Neo-Beranneed" to obtain the Angel's Wing in order to attempt the revival of the kingdom of the dark. The angel gives Lasty a magic wand to stop the secret society. With the wand Lasty can use Stepahnie's angel power.
Accepting the angel's wish Lasty is transformed into Angel Rabbie and does her best day & night to protect Fontille against the Neo-Beranneed.

Written by asinine

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