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Nauxolo's Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Tv Review

Rated: 8

I am purposely writing this review one week after I finished watching TTGL, so that the adrenaline rush that came from watching the end could wear off. (Yes, it required one week for that to happen).

TTGL is an in-your-face straight-up mecha anime with no frills and little nonsense. From mind boggling action fight scenes to outlandish ideas that somehow fit into this fictional universe, TTGL really satisfies the palette. Although the pace starts out slowly for the first 10 episodes, it soon gains steam and goes for an amazingly enjoyable build-up until the end. Objectively, there may be a few flaws and irks in the characters and storyline, but this is really overshadowed by the energy of the anime.

I highly recommend this anime, because the fights are on such an epic scale.

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Member Opinions


The action was really good and unique.
It just got bigger and bigger. Just when you thought the story couldn't be taken any further, there was more than you could imagine. This anime was larger than life, and it was never enough.

mikeb23 mikeb23

This show is amazing and I loved watching it from beginnig to end. The characters are likable and has a very solid plot. Plus, Yoko Littner (one of the sexiest girls in anime) is in it :). If you dont know who she is, watch and find out. Back on subject- Gurren Lagann will keep you hooked throughout with its awsome line up of characters, backstories and suprises. Must watch. And the word EPIC cant even describe this series as a whole cause honestly... WHO THE HELL DOES THAT WORD THINK IT IS?!

Suzumiya-Boy Suzumiya-Boy

Tengen Toppa GURREN LAGANN is one of those series that has the touch of GAINAX to 100%, your graphics, your theme unusual and rather bizarre with the touch of romanticism manly accompanied by exaggeration after exaggeration, make it one of my favorite series.
I have seen all of the TV series, but its extras and their respective movies.


This anime made my hair stand on end at the last episode. Great animation, characters, music...and perfect use of comedy to lighten some dark moods! I honestly say that other than 2 other animes, this moved me so much...

pikachu36 pikachu36

Really bad ass show and Yoko...:O now thts a girl I would date lol she can use a gun and has looks to kill :) anyways the series I found really interesting and really made me want to alwaysknow what is gunna happen next.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Epic. I'm not really a mecha fan, but this is a must see for all anime lovers: the story of a stubborn man and a shy boy (Kamina and Simon) that live in the underground with all the humanity, confined there by some monsters at the service of a king that doesn't allow them to go out. But they reach for the sky! A search for freedom that proceeds in a climax from the struggle for survival in the underground, to the conquest of the surface until the absolute freedom, breaking through the heavens! The pace is relentless with a thousand twists and all the characters are excellently characterized and manage to fully engage the viewer in their actions. Great ost also.

KAMINA: "Don't believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you!"

Elena888 Elena888

An awesome anime!!!!!! I really love it! I think it's really funny and it has a lot of good fights!!!!!
But, It's really sad too :( I don't like that!!!!!! I think even I cried a little xDDDDDDD although it didn't prevent I like it a lot! and I consider it one of my favorites animes!

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

OMG, this anime is so freakin' CRAZY!! From the outrageous Kamina with his flaming cape and shades, to the busty Yoko with a gun bigger than Kamina's ego, to the bizarre Beastmen and their Gunmen, Gurren Lagann certainly kept my attention throughout its run on Sci-Fi. I just fell in love with the story, the characters, and the insanity of it all. Definitely a good watch for a huge barrel of laughs.
And yes, I am a Viral fan. Just so you guys know. :3


Interesting, unpredictable plot and excellent character development. Exciting battles, and character deaths will move you to tears. Amazing and memorable series, and it has been referenced/parodied by other animes.

Tezca Tezca

Possibly my favorite anime of all time. It is so intense, and it gets you so pumped up!
If you like the anime, BUY THE MOVIES, they are so worth it, and so much better. (Movie 2 more-so).



This one was good to watch :3
I love Yoko, she's so pretty and everyone likes her body xD (...)
But my favorite character is the main one.. Simon! *-*
In the beginning he was a bit annoying .. :x But who cares..
So, I didn't love the show but I liked it. :)
If you're confused about TTG-L and you don't know what to watch next I think you must see this ^-^
It's a good choice. <3
So.. 7.5 for TTG-L. @


Wow when i finish to watch my spiral power was at is maximun
Who the the hell do you think we are?
I love it
It'r one of my favorites one
Every detail it's very important and the animation WOW I watch it and can't
believe it that anime it's full of power @.@

t1myah t1myah

originally i was skeptical from the hype i was hearing about this (i try to ignore it for the most part as i find overly hyped things often don't live up to my expectations) but i finally gave in and am enjoying it so far

e1ectric e1ectric

Months ago I had watched up until ***PLOT SPOILER*** a major character dies (for now unnamed so that you watch the series to find out who) ***END PLOT SPOILER*** and figured it would just go downhill from there so I promptly stopped watching to save myself the disappointment. I recently (in my lame effort to finish watching unfinished series) decided I'd get this one over with. It turns out that although there were a few not so awesome shows it picked itself back up quite nicely and with the exception of episode 16 (which is a complete flashback episode and can be safely skipped without loosing any dignity) was quite enjoyable. The artwork is unique or original (there's no confusing what series the artwork is from), and the sound was good (no annoying voices, synchronization issues or poorly equalized mixing to note).

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

love it soo much...

it is so heroic...
also a retro kind of mecha...:)

i love the concept so much...
of course yoko too since she's sooooo hot...XD...

a very good one till the last eps...( a bit sad though )...

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