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    Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper

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    Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper

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    Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper

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    Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper

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Shoujoboy's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

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Rated: 5

Babes, breasts and blood couldn't save this heaping pile of detritus. In the first 8 or so episodes it's easy to tell that the show is going to be as shallow as an inflatable pool, but it has hopes of at least being a fun show to watch while grunting like a man. Alas it gets boring in a hurry and never pulls itself out of that hole it digs for itself. It goes into a flashback of Maya's past and how her brother died (seriously that's not a spoiler so get over it) and stays there for 8 more episodes, then returns to the present for about 2, only to go back and continue dragging out a past that could have been summed up in fewer episodes. Worse yet, it isn't as if the past that you are forced to see is all that interesting in the first place. In fact it's quite boring.

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Member Opinions

mikeb23 mikeb23

The series revolves around Maya and Aya Natsume and their complex past of their martial artist brother and friends. The story and back story is pretty much told through their point of view and dabbles in the present with the new comers Bob and Nagi, who join the school. The show itself is pretty lack luster as the last couple of episodes are just cliff hangers. And most of the show was just flash back anyways. If you truley want to enjoy this series i suggest reading the manga which far surpasses the show and has a very rewarding ending.

Cirru Cirru

The development of the characters and story is done rather well. The Masataka Takayanagi character seems rather whiny and 'woe is me' at times (makes him unappealing). Bob is one of the best characters in the story. He is a nice compliment to Souichiro and is always wanting to improve himself.


"Heaven and Earth" is a full of action fights anime! How ever is in to martial arts and comedy romance this is the anime for you ;) its really good and the main characters are a bitt echii but really funny!
Nagi and his friend Bob are going to their first day of high school at Toudou Academy. They had intended to rule the school by beating up anybody that got in their way, as they had done at their previous schools. They soon learn that Todo is no ordinary high school, but rather a school that was founded to teach and integrate different fighting styles. Its students are skilled in the various arts of combat with some students possessing supernatural abilities, such as pyrokinesis, precognition, and superhuman strength based on the abilities to use their "spirit" or "ki" in Japanese.
The main charecters are really cool and soo funny!Souichiro is the main one His family's supernatural power is called the Dragon's Fist, which gives them the ability to take supernatural powers from others and use it as their own. This power is often feared and misunderstood by others which caused Souichiro to be socially rejected, Aya is in love with him. Maya ( their sensei) and Aya are the Natsume Sisters have this strange power of transforming in to a small kid or in to a young women and vice versa . Bob is has Stonge Body that helps him in every battle. Masataka is shy and in love with Aya but when he becomes angered or serious he becomes a very formidable combatant.
These are the coolest fighters on the serie ! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

aureawolf aureawolf

Oh my God, this is like a cocktail of cliches! Basically, I think this series follows the porn method: what actually matter are the boobs, the sexual games, and the fighting... nevermind the story, any simplistic plot is good enough to present these main characters. You have the busty chicks, the ass-kicking... why would you need a real meaning storyline, huh? C'mon!

Obie1 Obie1

This show is ...ugh.I don't know.It looked cool at first but after about the 3rd to 4th episode I got so confused about it I didn't even know where my room was the next day.It's all about a street-brawler Suichiro and his friend Bob<who is from South-Africa btw,GLEEEEE! ^-^> who are trying to take over the school but little do they know that everyone in the school are trained martial-artists and aren't afraid to dish out some butt-kicking.Rather read the manga instead.

Felcie Felcie

The anime of Tenjou Tenge was great. The animation is flawless and the characters are as great as in the manga. Too bad they didn't adapted everything because what happens after the anime is great. As great as the end of the anime, actually. Tenjou Tenge is not for children, you might know that. This is the kind of anime where girls' clothes can be torn up quite easily... But, well, we ain't gonna complain, all those girls are pure beauties and they know how to fight, sometimes even better than men. What I like about the show is that girls are the badass fighters with some few men, the others needs to learn from... a girl :p It changes^^

ghost945 ghost945

fan service great, ending ... O_o
manga is much better in every sense yet i never get to read the ending bit. just stopped publishing all a sudden. by comparing the stages of progress of manga and anime though, manga is consistent with the theme and running problems of characters. it's gave more insights and development into characters and how events changed or shaped characters. manga artistics level is very high. can even feel the action movement from paper.

MK2010 MK2010

I liked the animation in this anime and the characters design. The fight scenes were entertaining. The story however it only told half the story, leaving major plot changes and character developments untold. If you like reading, I would recommend the Manga over the Anime.

Astara Astara

I liked this anime, though it's plot line was a bit simplistic and it had quite a bit of excessive, over-the-top type violence that you realize just isn't real. Nevertheless, it had a catch theme and graphics (not much on musical score). So far, I've missed a few episodes in the middle due to a poop disk 4, I believe. I felt the story was cut short -- it told the 'essentials', but took the easy way out and left the ending to the imagination of the viewer. So many show makers/tellers leave off an ending and it just seems like lazyness -- like saying 'well the reader/watcher should know what happens next, so I won't bother telling them'. 'It should be obvious'. 'You can't miss it'. Hmmm. Still given the surprise endings I've learned to accept as the norm in modern shows, in shows/series/books today I'd prefer to see a concrete outcome.

It wasn't the most positive story line -- in fact this video probably doesn't deserve more than about 3 out of 10 brain cells paying attention -- but then you can enjoy it! :-) Best not to be too critical of many of these anime shows or you won't enjoy any of them.

Was about to mention how some things didn't make sense, but there I go again, analyzing too much...

Nevertheless it didn't have any greatly positive storyline -- no redeeming messages -- was just focused on developing 'some talent' that was the 'supreme martial artist' -- who upon being developed, falls flatly on his face unconscious -- which is where they end the video. But it's ok, because with no ending, we know that he gets better and everything works out in anime style -- it was just that type of series. Not set to depressing music, but strong action (and did I mention gore?)

(Makes Claymore look tame...as this occurs w/o the benefit of being in an alternate reality with supernatural foes).

drizzero drizzero

It's a pretty good anime visually, but it lacks something in the content. It falls short in providing a special impact in the viewer after the first few episodes. But the girls drawings are awesome. I'm all for keeping on watching it, was picking up at the end of the end.

Onikami Onikami

It grabbed my attention within minutes and kept it the entire series. The story had good intentions, but I feel like they strayed away from who they initially portrayed to be the main characters. This really threw me off, but the ending was still pretty good. It feels like they had a set path & changed direction 3/4 of the way through. Still a good fighter Anime though.

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