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Angelxxuan's The Borrower Arrietty Tv Review

Rated: 6

Over all, the plot was lacking for me. The Sound and Artwork blew me away, but the plot itself felt as if there was something lacking. Never really been a fan of any of the borrower films, novels and so forth. I have seen and read them all, and me being a great fan of animation I gave this one a go as well. Unfortunately, like all the others, it lacked depth to me into the plot itself. I was impressed with the detail, that's a given, but within any fan there are going to be things which come about a fan isn't going to care much for. I'm going to wait for the next one and see how that one turns out, just because I didn't like one, doesn't mean I'm not going to like another.

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Member Opinions

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Underwhelmed. It had potential and I enjoyed it, but the ending was very abrupt. Never having read the original story, I'm not sure if that's how that one ended too, but I think they could've done a bit more with the storyline...

I did enjoy the instrumental music though.

aureawolf aureawolf

Absolutely adorable <3! At first I knew about this movie as a Ghibli's and Miyazaki-sensei's fan, then I knew that this was based on a series of children's fantasy novels (written since the 1950's by a British author). I saw some reviews and the opposition between them confused me, so I had to see it. Maybe it doesn't have the symbolical depth of other Miyazaki's films, but you have to watch it very carefully to see valuable details in the plot (of course, the art and the music are just exquisite): it's a story for children, for starters, which has the intention of presenting aspects of the world maybe unknown for them or even too close to them (being tiny, defenseless, to be afraid of the big people, to be apart from your family, to be alone, to be powerless, to see your world being torn...). This is no new matter, we've seen it in Jonathan Swift's "GULLIVER'S TRAVELS" (the Lilliputian people or, in the other way around, the Brobdignagian people), more recently it is also the main theme in Terry Pratchett's "TRUCKERS" (those witty gnomes steal your heart), and even Studios Ghibli with POM POKO. But that's not all; you may even see it as a metaphore from the cultural studies point of view or the ecologycal point of view, you name it! This is no shallow work, it's not incomplete and has lots of possible readings, all of them quite positive for the soul.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

This movie by Miyazaki-sensei shows how humans always treat minorities and animals. While all of us are hating on Haru in the movie, we should all think about how we ourselves have treated other creatures, and even people with different skin colours and other forms of abnormalities in history.
The friendship between Arrietty and Sho is very subtle, which makes it even more touching. The scene when they say goodbye made me cry :")
The setting of this movie really blows me away. It opens my eyes to all sorts of interesting little things in life on which I've never given much thought or attention.
And last but not least, the theme song sung and played on the harp by Cecile Corbel is extremely beautiful. It goes perfectly with the movie and the lyrics are pretty. I love the French version :)

Lunariha Lunariha

This, like the other Hayao Miyazaki movies that I've seen, is quite excellent. Art, is as usual, splendid. What I really love about this film is that it makes me feel like I'm tagging along with Arrietty in her adventures in this really 'big world.' I felt really great...such a great experience! The soundtrack for this movie is really refreshing. I love the Celtic touch to it. It's very relaxing to listen to...gives you this inner peace, feels like you are in that green and flowery pasture in the movie.

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