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The most well-known version of this fairytale is the Brothers Grimm version. The 2009 Disney film "Princess and the Frog" is also very loosely based on it, borrowing the central "magic kiss" motif of the story. Although there are several variations on a large part of the story, the beginning is mostly the same: while playing in the castle garden, a spoiled princess accidentally drops her gold ball down a water well. To her surprise, a frog carrying her ball leaps out of the well and promises to return it to her in exchange for being turned into a human. The ritual varies between receiving a kiss from the princess, or spending a night sleeping on her pillow. The princess's response also varies: she either kisses the frog prince and restores his human form, or tricks him into giving her the ball and throws him into a wall in disgust (which turns him human again as well). A Russian version of the story reverses the roles, with the characters being a female frog and a prince.

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