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Secretly, there has been a battling competition to become the next "God". This battle requires its participant to choose a student as a combatant and in order to won the battle, has to be given an ability.

One of the participant is Kobayashi a home room teacher, who choose Kosuke Ueki to become his combatant and pass Ueki his ability.
Given an ability to turn garbage into trees, Ueki has to battle against many other junior high students to become the next "God". As winner, the "God" will receive a "blank ability" which can be anything according to its user.

Credit: niomea

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Ephemeral-Garden's The Law of Ueki Tv Review

Rated: 9

High quality. Supernatural power-concentrated anime with fresh way of power using, with excellent artwork and high quality voice actings and OSTs, OPs and EDs superbly performed to suit the overall mood of the anime, The Law of Ueki is what you get. Seriously, in my opinion, this anime should be at the top 10 on the charts but I really wonder why it's not there. It's very nicely introduced to the audience and it has got me hooked from the beginning till the end. I really have nothing to be complaining about and yes, I'm very satisfied with Studio Deen for completing this anime with such top notch effort noticeable to all Law of Ueki's fans.

But unlike to most anime, romance is very much not available in this series.

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Member Opinions

todsen todsen

My TOP 1 anime series!

From the anime titles I've seen and heard so far, there isn't another protagonist who's like Ueki Kosuke --- somebody who seems like he doesn't give a mopping over Justice and cleaning and mostly, friends, with his bland face and all. Aside from my initial impression of the whole changing-of-trash-into-trees concept I saw in its first TV commercial on Animax back in '06 (I need it complete), it's what makes this series highly appealing to my taste. Having seen this anime made me like the color green more and more (with Ueki's haircolor + the trees and all) till blue wasn't my favorite color anymore! That impact. That creatively colorful, straightforward innocence about justice and friendship and a bit of family; it was so out-of-the-box, driven by fun humor. And no romance at all! Except for Rinko's little crush. (Not that I prefer stories without it.) Which isn't really a surprise. I'm glad I got to even think about trying The Law of Ueki after seeing FMA's awesomeness.

My favorite character is Sano Seiichiro, btw. He's just so cool in his eccentric outfit, especially with his Level 2 power!!! lol. Plus, a smart guy. And that scar on his face marks it all.
Kosuke is already given, haha. I love his character. To. Bits.

Can't say that the art is above excellent because of the usual inconsistency in the production, but it was good most of the time, esp the backgrounds. The animation quality was well-balanced with the theme, in my opinion. Soundtrack was cool for me, although the usual feedback I've read about LoU's OP and ED themes was that the only one most viewers liked was the first ending. I liked them all esp both opening themes and the 1st, 3rd and 5th ending themes. Of course that super catchy battle theme as well, and apparently, it's called "Rinko Jerard no Theme" (Rinko's Theme). Idk why it's used as one of the usual BGMs during battles. It's the only thing in the whole LoU that confuses me. Haha.

Gonna be re-watching this for the 3rd time some time soon I think.


I just finished this anime, And it is awesome, I just notice that they did not use bloods while fighting all are just scratches, but that is good specially when the whole family is watching it O_O?.. The charaters are great, the plot is also great, but there are some moments that is boring. Even so its a great anime and it is really funny.. It's cool and it enlightens my mood. Good anime overall.

renlilica renlilica

This is one funny anime from the start it was kinda crazy, god contestants, that's one freaking idea to come up with.
One thing about this anime I really like is that when the main characters are at the point of losing their fights and the situation is like if you don't win you're friends will die situation, even then they don't get that power boost from nowhere, they lose. That's the part I really like about the anime, the fights are really awesome and their talents that's quite a cool idea though some can be really funny which adds to the comedy of the anime. I really like all the ten gifts of the heavenly beings, wish I can have one.

singlemoon singlemoon

Heck, who would have thought this will end up as one of my favorite anime? *sweating*
It's impossible but having a hero with great sense of justice as Ueki really are refreshing. To top thins up, he's pretty simple minded guy and I always, always love it when he never show sign of giving up and continue to stand no matter how bad the situation is. I just love Ueki, but he seems the type of guy who wouldn't even understand if you say 'Suki desu' straight to his face. XD Ah well, he's still painfully lovable.
Overall, having Ueki as the main hero really add the spice in the series, since the story itself was pretty sturdy and good. It got lots of great characters and some of it are so hard to hate. XD
Well, we the 'Anime Sibs' (me, my 2nd bro, 3rd bro and younger bro) always sat down before the TV, 'destroying' any obstruction before us (in this case, our father XD) that try to take over the TV and gain victory, watching the series. And that's just show how much we enjoyed this series.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

Okay, I think the character might be very dense but he's got a good sense of justice. That's what I like in this series. This is one of my favorites when talking about fantasy anime. I really like the ending but I wished there's a sequel. I'm okay with the ending but I really wish for more. I like the characters as well as the plot.

odelya odelya

Lol. Never before had I had so many laughs while watching a moderately lengthy series (and yes, 50+ episodes is about twice the amount of episodes in a series that I normally watch). And quite frankly, the fact that there wasn't a character I thoroughly wanted to just erase makes it even more enjoyable. Robert Hadyn is made of love. is Sano and Wanko. =D

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