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Three goddesses created the land of Hyrule. When Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo Thieves and one of the Wielders of the Triforce tries to take over Hyrule the two other Triforce Wielders try to stop him. One of the Triforce Wielders is the Princess of Hyrule. The other is Link, the Hero of Time.

Link must find items that are relevant to his quest to go through the terrible dungeons that the evil Ganondorf has made. Only Link and Zelda can save Hyrule.

Credit: super-anime-fan.

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Aekara's The Legend of Zelda Tv Review

Rated: 9

Legend of Zelda:

Play control Was great for this title. The game uses the classic zelda overhead view. The controls were very simple. The A button is always used to control the sword of Link. The B button controls the other active item. A very simple and a very easy play control to learn and play.
Was actually relatively difficult. Some things were very hard to figure out and might make you want to look and find the solutions through a guide. Some of the dungeons were pretty large and difficult. A good selection of enemies varying in difificulty. The bosses could have used a bit of an upgrade at difficulty, but overal it was pretty hard Should take a 6

Link's Adventures

A different play control in this game than in any other Zelda Game.

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