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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The title kinda threw me off but I decided to ignore that fact and watch to give the show a shot. I'm very glad I did, because I've been looking for another decent length anime. I like the story and Ryner; even though he likes to sleep a lot, that kind of attitude just makes it funny. I really like the Alpha Stigma, even though it turns him into a killing machine. I don't like Ferris' violent attitude toward him though, I figured or at least hope she won't be like that during the whole series, but damn almost every time she's on screen her attitude toward Ryner is completely unnecessary and it was extremely irritating. Though as she got to know Ryner later, her attitude completely changed and she treated him well and even was shown to have some feelings for him, I enjoyed seeing that turn around in her character a lot. I also liked Sion, he has it very hard trying to be a good king when all this crap is getting in his way of doing so. The bit of his history that they've showed so far is also very sad. How he was treated as a child and what happened to his mother made me feel REALLY sad/mad because his mother's death basically wasn't supposed to happen. Sad they ended up pretty much as enemies.

chiara chiara

King dispatches his sentenced to death friend, who mostly enjoys afternoon naps, on a journey to find the hero relicts after his own theory to "how the world can become happy". Light Novel adaption. Suspenseful story, interesting characters, good animation. I love the opening and ending songs and Ryner ;). The first episode throws the viewer amidst the whole story and caught you unprepared but don't be afraid to continue watching things are getting really good and intriguing. The following eps already show the right order of the story and build a connection to the 1st ep without a problem. Personally, I liked this entrance for the series. It gives you a nice introduction to the characters and let you wonder how things turned out that way. To discover that you should simply watch the rest. The end feels a bit rushed and left unanswered questions but without a doubt worth a watch.

Davo Davo

One of the most interesting anime of fantasy genre i watched, the plot is basically based on friendship, the story has been adapted very good, the music specially the singles are excellent, the draw keeps his quality in a very good level.

shak-aure shak-aure

=D The development of this anime for me grabbed a little sloppy, but I really attracted much drama and history and enveloped me completely, even to coincidentially were some parts of inconsistency in its development. Although they were expected due to its plot had to be developed in a creative way, but this is the first chapter while we showed the picture and we were introduced in Mallorie to the characters involved, but not till apartir of Subsequent chapters 13 which shows a plot but also established a small change in the character of the characters, which makes them a perspective to see more different.
Although this series was aimed at that, completely wrap achievement. and to make changes to prepare the last part of the story and subsequent espliquen for the why of them, I do see what was planned as it should be and was not something out of overnight.
C8 without you doubt I fully expect the end of this anime, and I think it's worth looking to see if some softy emotions, fun and suspense XD

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