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Angelxxuan's The Skull Man Tv Review

Rated: 7

It's one of those unknown anime because it is only subbed or original it is not dubbed yet as far as I know. It's also a short anime of about 13 episodes long and one live action movie. There is slight ecchi in it, but for the most part the anime sucked me in by episode one, so I was able to look past all that, even with the time jumps within the anime and the ending left me with WTF, and it still does to this day, even sitting here typing this. I would have to say, over all this anime should be a must see if you're into dark, horror and scifi anime. I found this anime by accident mostly because I had seen everything else out there that was of interest to me so I had to turn to watching things I was uncertain on, I'm glad I did take a risk on this one.

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