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Her first amorous rejection has turned Sunako Nakahara into a bitter person who rejects all forms of beauty in her life. Her aunt, Mine, gets worried when Sunako becomes so gloomy, and asks her four very handsome tenants to help her niece out. In exchange for having their rent waived, the boys agree to turn Sunako into a "perfect lady"...which is easy as far as appearances go, but far more difficult when it comes to her personality!

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Burijetto's The Wallflower Manga Review

Rated: 9

There are loads of humour in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Wallflower) as they get into quite alot of scraps and terribly humourous situations. The concept of it being an everyday life manga is very good as it does not exaggerate but has a very adventours touch to it. The main storyline is full of suspense and emotion. I find it a very enjoyable manga and will never regret reading it. The presentation all in all is very good and worth reading. The storyline, art and the dialogue is very good and very like-like.

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Member Opinions

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I love this manga but the anime was so-so. One thing that annoyed me a lot was the voices they used for the characters, I felt like they didn't fit their image at all (especially Sunako's). If you want to watch this anime, I recommend you read the manga first, it's a great, funny, romantic story.


This anime is soooo Cute! I mean if you like Drama and romantic comedy about a gotic girl and 4 super HOT boys! XD You will die laughing!
The Wallflower is about a girl named Sunako who was called ugly by the first and only person who she confessed her love. This incident sparks a life change, and as a result Sunako shuns all forms of beauty, both in herself as well as in life. Concerned by her change for the worst, Sunako's aunt, the owner of a beautiful mansion where four very handsome students live, offers the guys free rent in her mansion if they can turn Sunako into a "perfect lady"!
While the four of them manage to make Sunako physically beautiful enough to become a lady, the problem lies with her attitude and interests (which Sunako has no intention of changing). Up until the most recent release in the story, they've managed to convince Sunako's aunt that her niece is indeed a lady befitting the mansion in which they live (and prevent the rent from skyrocketing to triple the required amount). However, in reality Sunako has not changed considerably. Sunako has the tendency to spurt out in a nose bleed when seen by bright creatures, especially around Kyohei.
Sunako is soooo LOL! she is this girl that i envy sooo much! She doesn´t care abouther looks at all! But...she goes down very easily if you call her ugly :( But those 4 guys are always there for her :) Especially Kyohei ( a super nice and hansome guy!) And i laugh alot with her cuz shes like a shadow and when he walkes in she lookes like shes gonna evaporate like a vampire XD
The others are also really funny and cuteee! GOD So COOL! XD WATCH!

Glukogen Glukogen

If we look at this anime as banter, it is excellent. It is better to not include brains when watching it. In my case it was like - "and what is terrible in her?", "Well she loves horror movies, all right", "embraces the anatomical model - and others have spiders, snakes, and even crocodiles at home"
I'm glad that finally she didn't become a new Cinderella, and did not lose her individuality. One thing - there is too many chibi at anime, sometime I can't remember how Sunako looks by her normal view

singlemoon singlemoon

I like the anime, but I prefer the manga. ^^ ;
But speaking for the 'series' I think it's a pretty good anime. Even thou I like how Koyuhei and Sunako paired up or fight when it somes to something trivial, I always found something to frown upon in this episode. XD One of it would be Sunako's low self-esteem. I mean, come one, she's way more beautiful than other female characters in the story...*sigh*
The anime is good, but I like the mnaga better cause the anime was short and I haven't got enough of it. XD

kuryuki kuryuki

LOVE the manga, not so much the anime ;-;
The art it's pretty neat in the manga
and well, I personally perferred the stories earlier in the series.

since later on it gets to be like a typical shoujo manga sometime
but I do with sunako and kyohei can be a couple in the end xDD

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Bishes! Sunako's chibi voice can get annoying, but love the comedy and character development! This is another series that could have been similar to a Hana Yori Dango, but I love Sunako's goth addiction. She's so creepy, but somehow endearing. I also think that the secondary romance with Noi and Takenaga is deserving of more screen time (and chapters!)


Wallflower! I simply love this! <3
Awesome animation (Guys look like girls. ><), Interesting plot (It always got me going.) and well-developed characters. :) I watched this A LOT of times, and never got bored. Sunako is such a beauty-- an ideal woman! (Haha. :D) Kyohei's my type, BTW.

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

Also known as Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. The story is about a darkstuff-lover creepy-looking girl named Sunako, who has abandoned herself to the darkness and doesn't give a damn about her appearence. However she can't stand been close to handsome guys/girls or as she calls them the "radiant beings". So what happens when this girl is sent to live with four bishounen who have the mission of making her a top class lady? LOTS of comedy and the funniest situations you can imagine. Sunako is just too cute >.<
It's a shoujo anime, wich is not my fav genre, but I still recommend it.


Well...the artwork is superb,but fails to make up for the terrible lack of plot and obvious harem type theme. But this may be largely attributed tot he fact that the relationship between Kyohei and Sunako refuses to grow or change in any way,which is a very typical problem for Shoujo manga. But when all's said and done,it's enjoyable,and the characters are easy to sympathize with,each in their own way,making them seem more human and real.

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