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minayuri minayuri

n regards to the anime, it had potential...but the production team did not realize that potential. To me, it didn't do much in the character development department, not like what The Five Star Stories anime film did which had a similar situation with a single movie made. However, the FSS movie allowed the time to develop the principal characters and it concluded with a fantastic finish. The Weathering Continent's end felt too open-ended and the character leads' relationship were not mentioned. An extra fifteen minutes could've helped this movie for purposes of character development as well as story. Otherwise, the good things I can say about this movie adaptation is that the artwork is really well made for an early 90's production, the voice acting on the Japanese version is really good...especially Toshihiko Seki's Tieh, the music is also fantastic and fits the atmosphere of the world it's set in, and the three lead character's themselves are a fine trio and they work well together.

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