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Tama-Neko's The World Ends With You Game Review

Rated: 7

WEWY is a fun, fast-paced game with a unique setting. It's a refreshing change from your standard fantasy RPG. You don't need to worry about rescuing any princesses or doing battle with evil overloads. You just have to fulfill an increasingly complex set of missions and learn more about who Neku is, and why the heck he is even involved in the Reapers' Game to begin with. There's not a lot of room to explore, so stick with the plot, and enjoy running around Shibuya. And if you're near Tokyu Hands/Shibukyu Heads, go look up Samraat. They have good dosa, and are great for that chicken tikka masala hit.

Addendum 1: Battles
The one thing that will make or break WEWY for players is the battle engine. It's quite frustrating to use at first, and seems incredibly unwieldy.

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