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Z827's The World God Only Knows Tv Review

Rated: 8

= This is a Review of The World God Only Knows =

Despite it's heavy resemblance to the Manga , it is actually really entertaining even if it's watching the same thing again since the developers have actually done a lot to emphasise on the artwork and music of the Anime.
Though not particularly story-oriented , this Anime features unique and captivating ( Well , probably too strong of a word , but no matter :P ) short stories which ends with a beautiful conclusion.

Naturally , this Anime is further supported by the presence of humor relief which further lightens the mood of the viewers.

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Member Opinions

evilxangel evilxangel

This was a very good anime!Every character has a unique personality were is easy to trace why is going to happen but that is for the audience.It was fun to see a character that also notice this little personality traits to fill the emptiness of the heroines heart. The plot got better with each season and the manga gets so much better. The plot didnt bored me at all. It took many common themes and made it into a well equally balanced love comedy!

Angi Angi

I like the main character's personality, its not the typical boy who has "something" like a magnet that attracts every girl in an entire place, instead he has to win the girls hearts by working hard ^^'. It can be boring sometimes because of the repetitive search of lost souls, but its funny enough to keep watching.

Kurorisa Kurorisa

while the main story and the plot is interesting, plus it's about someone who plays games a lot, this is quite watchable. though the whole episodes itself turns out to be pretty much the same and somewhat quite boring because of the same purpose (to make the girl fall in love), only in different ways/approaches.

SkyVongola SkyVongola

From theory to practice, thanks to watching this I've learnt of a few tricks and tips of creating a planning route when playing either normal game or girl game (though only a few of it works =w=), also I've learnt of how to have "fun" when class in on session. :P

Either way I never thought that this anime turns out to be very good, although it sounds simple but it really is a difficult thing when we try to capture or getting close to a girl, and it somewhat amazes me of how Keima managed to turn the tides no matter how worse the impression he has made to the girls and he managed to turn it into them loving him.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Not the usual harem anime that people have come to known. The plot becomes more interesting and enjoyable because the main character is a Sim Date gaming god that hesitates to deal with anything that involves the real world. The personality of the main character brings unique conversations and situations into the anime that is not seen anywhere else.
Very good, very promising anime.

randomly--random randomly--random

Currently: 3/- (Second Season)
After the epic Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai comes the 2nd season: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II. The first arc didn't really went well for me mainly because I'm never a fan of Kusunoki. Anyway, after episode 3, the beginning of Haqua-arc, I'm definitely into watching this. Anyway, maybe not even gaining interest on this series, I'll still watch this because of series obligations. Kaminomi is actually the series that made me start seriously reading manga. So I basically owe this series a lot. LOL. Anyway, the OP is seriously better from the first season. It was from the same artist and it has the same feeling. It's in full english and the tune is really catchy. Story-wise, looks like this season will cover Kusunoki-arc, Haqua-arc, Chihiro-arc and Jun-sensei-arc. Pretty much, it looks like nothing new or interesting will come in this season. Well, the manga isn't as interesting as before anyway. So, what am I really expecting for this series? Personally for me, nothing much has changed though it seems that some people even after the first episode, has been saying that this season is much better from the previous one. Well, I don't really know 'cause I don't really see the difference. Well, it's their point of view, I guess people just have different likings and all. Overall, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II is pretty much similar to the first season, so I don't really get so excited into watching this.


Not any harem anime (manga) I've ever seen. Mainly because of the hesitant protagonist to real world's girls, which brings quite the uniqueness and curiousness to the progress of the story. Probably, if I might say, TWGOK is almost the same to School Rumble in terms of character relations and great many other things. Definitely a promising series.

ashuraeffect ashuraeffect

It's a great anime with fresh concept and interesting plot since it was first published (don't know why I didn't decide to make walls of it until the anime was out, probably 'cause there are more scans now lol (and I was probably waiting for more people to know it first ^^))

RoseyFanFan RoseyFanFan

The protagonist in this anime is soo good looking and HOT! but he does sometimes go over the top and looses himself but that's what makes it good! This is such a funny show and there's always a moral to each of the stories which is nice...

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